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Chapter 144: The Second Night, Ghost of The Heart, The Second Ghost


The woman’s face was full of pain. She clutched the rope tightly, kicking both of her legs in the air.

Her body was rotating slowly along with the copper-colored ceiling lamp, giving Brother Panther a shock. He took two steps back, feeling a layer of cold sweat emitting from his back.

Liu Zixing followed and leaned his head over to see. He was taken aback first, followed by a furious quiver. He then rushed into the study directly.


Liu Zixing screamed in horror. He had no time to hide his current appearance and his original purpose. Taking a chair there, he helped her down from the ceiling lamp.

“Mum! What happened mum!” Liu Zixing yelled as he held the woman’s body.

Liu Ang’s mum coughed in pain before fainting. Liu Zixing’s first intention was to call the ambulance, hence he fished out his cellphone.

Yet Brother Panther grabbed it as soon as he just took it out, “What are you doing?”

“Rubbish! Of course…” Liu Zixing suddenly thought of his current situation.

“Don’t worry, your mum just fainted!” Brother Panther spoke in a low voice, “But she was hung by someone, you better focus on this! F*ck! Is there anyone else in the room planning to commit a crime?”

He thought this way unexpectedly.

There were a few reasons he was called Brother Panther. He had committed a lot of cruelties throughout these years and knew that Liu Zixing’s mom was hung by someone with merely a glance. They obviously aimed for her life—an enemy or someone who came with a vicious purpose.

“Did your family offend someone?”

Liu Zixing was confused and shook his head.

Right now, an underling with a Sichuan accent came to Brother Panther’s side, “Brother, what the hell is this?”

“Quiet.” Brother Panther looked around, focusing on the safe that was revealed after the hanging picture had been moved aside in one go.

Without another word, Brother Panther walked towards it. He found that the safe was not locked, it was just a false perception! A smile emerged from Brother Panther and he pulled open the door!

Inside the safe that consisted of several layers, some brand-new cash was laid at the bottom layer. It seemed to be a lot but there was only few hundred thousand yuan after counting. Brother Panther actually cared more about the jewelry located on the shelf.

“Give me the bag!” Brother Panther turned around and said with a chuckle.

But right then, the light of the study went out. A woman’s screech was heard. Liu Zixing who was looking at his mother suddenly shouted, “Wife!!”

He had no time to care about anything so he rushed out from the study in a hurry. Brother Panther and the other two people gaped and frowned, “Pack up these jewelries first! They are all good stuff.”

“Fair enough!”

The three hurried to make a clean sweep of all the objects in the safe. No matter what the things were, Brother Panther just stuffed them into the bag while observing the situation outside— it was weird that the light was not turned on again.

It was probably a trip-out due to the rain and thunder outside. The trio were only illuminated by the flashlight of the cellphone.

“Stupid! Be careful, make sure you don’t leave anything here!”

The guy with Sichuan accent squatted down to pick up a box dropped in chaos. He opened it, “What the hell is this, just a card?”

It was a black card without any pattern, like plastic. Brother Panther took it from the underling, trying to break it off slightly with his hands.

Suddenly, he felt a dizzy feeling.

He shook his head and threw it into the bag with others. Now, since he saw everything had been cleared, he said, “Go, go have a look! If someone came here before us, they might have some treasures.”

“Brother, we don’t know who they are!”

“We have three people, don’t be afraid! Useless guy!” Brother

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