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Chapter 160: It’s Not Easy to Find the Heart


Fang Jiping had the habit of jogging at night… Of course, it started since half a year ago.

Of course, exercising was just an excuse, the main purpose was to have the opportunity to chat with the girl he liked so that they would have more time for speaking freely.

He thought that it was ridiculous that many rich families made their daughters marry into better families.

But Fang Jiping knew that this applied to him as well.

Since a long time ago, he realized that his father Fang Ruchang was a very greedy person. For decades, Fang Ruchang had been building up his own reputation… and now, he had gained that. Yet, he did not have enough wealth.

Now Fang Ruchang planned to turn his son into a famous violinist, perhaps to achieve the purpose of seeking a good marriage in the future.

What a snobbish guy he was.

However, Fang Jiping had told himself long time ago … that he seemed not to have the rights to criticize Fang Ruchang.

He always made various excuses for himself, and had no courage to introduce that hardworking girl to his family.

“Well, be careful, don’t work too hard.”

After hanging up the phone call, Fang Jiping walked along the path of the housing estate alone. He mocked himself. but made up his mind furtively.

When he achieved both success and fame, it was sure that he would bring this hardworking girl into his own family… rather than continuing this secret affair.

Dong dong, dong dong.

All of a sudden, Fang Jiping heard a sound.

It was so familiar. He stopped his steps, recalling this sound that had been buried deeply in his memory.

Finally, he found the origin of the sound at the place located not far from his apartment.

Under the street lights, there was a rickety silhouette. It was probably an aunt, like a ragpicker. The ‘dong dong’ sound came from the small rattle-drum in the aunt’s hands.

The sound generated from the shaking of the rattle-drum attracted Fang Jiping to come closer. All his attention was focusing on it.

In his memory, he used to have such a rattle-drum.

Fang Jiping returned to consciousness from deep thought and found that this aunt was fixing her eyes on him. The cloudy eyes looked terrifying under the night street lights, the wrinkles on her face seemed to be able to hide under the shadow. He took one step back subconsciously.

At this moment, this aunt called cautiously, “Baby Tiger.”

Fang Jiping face changed slightly. He couldn’t help asking, “How do you know this name?”

“Baby Tiger!” the aunt walked one step closer with agitation. She grabbed Fang Jiping’s hand, saying raucously, “Baby Tiger, it’s me! I’m your mother!”


Fang Jiping quivered subconsciously, he shook off the aunt’s hands furiously while talking quickly and anxiously, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Baby Tiger! I’m really your mother!

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