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Chapter 192: Sentiment Is the Most Effective Weapon


“By the way, how did you find this place?”

Since she insisted on staying here with him, Ye Yan hoped to obtain some information about the headquarters from her.

Jessica had already thought of an excuse for this, “Your identity is too sensitive, I guess you won’t stay in a regular hotel and also not your own apartment. That’s why I came and checked this kind of unauthorized hotels along the way.”

Ye Yan nodded… in a situation like this, she had no choice but to search him inch by inch. He believed that nobody knew he was hiding here—In other words, Jessica had a good luck.

Was that the will of Heaven?

“But how can you be sure that I’m here?”

Jessica smiled, “When a person is in danger, the subconscious will influence him in choosing a place with a higher sense of belonging. This used to be your place, so I was just testing my luck.”

Ye Yan bitterly smiled, “I know you aren’t a person who believes in fortune.”

Jessica said coolly, “I prefer believing in fortune for once rather than doing nothing.”

Ye Yan suddenly asked, “The headquarters ordered a team to arrest me, are they following you by any chance?”

Jessica said, “I was very careful when I left there and I even used a fake passport found in the confiscation room. They won’t act that fast.”

Ye Yan frowned while saying, “It’s not necessarily so… since you can find me, it means others might as well. It seems necessary for me to move to another place. I need to leave this place immediately…Cough!”

“You are injured?”

“Let’s get out of here first.”

Jessica hurried to say, “Go to my place first. I’m living there for this period of time. It should be safe.”

Ye Yan hesitated for a while and nodded his head finally. But he was just following Jessica and didn’t check out at the front desk when they left.

A red MINI-CLUBMAN stopped. Ren Ziling who was wearing a blue-white plaid blouse with a pair of white jeans got off at the same time with a black and scraggy man from the other car.

Ren Ziling raised her head and took a look before asking that man, “Mouse Qiang, you mean this area?”

Mouse Qiang smiled forcefully, “Yeah, madam! When you asked me, I cast a wide net immediately requesting everyone I know to help me with this issue! You have no idea that I even…”

“Stop, get to the point! I won’t owe you any money!” Ren Ziling rolled her eyes.

“You’re my goddess! If it isn’t because I have a faded old woman at home and if I were 10 years younger, I’d chase after you in hot pursuit!” Mouse Qiang narrowed his eyes.

Ren Ziling threw the half-remaining milk tea at him.

Mouse Qiang retreated, saying, “I have a friend who always comes to the nearby waste station to eke out a living. For several nights, he said he saw a man who looked quite similar to the appearance in your description. And I also sent him the

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