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Chapter 256: Sleepy


“Have some food, or else you wouldn’t have any strength to fight, and our boss wouldn’t be happy.”

The assistant ordered the mouth-watering food to be placed right outside the iron cage. He laughed and taunted them by saying, “Go ahead, ignore the food, it’s just that this will be the last meal for either one of you.”

After seeing Anton’s angered expression and Oleg’s indifference, the assistant checked the time.

“There are four hours left. Enjoy your last period of tranquility.”

The assistant then left with the others.

Oleg stretched his hand out of the cage and quietly stuffed himself with the food.

“… Mr. Oleg, are you gonna fight me?” Anton lowered his head and asked softly.

Nevertheless, Oleg did not answer. He only tore the meat into small pieces, before chewing them slowly.

“We can break free as soon they open the cage!” Anton lifted his head. “As long as we can rescue Nikita, we won’t be threatened by them any longer!”

“And then?” Oleg looked at Anton indifferently, “Can you kill Andrew? Can you escape from this place? What can you do with your fists when they attack us with their guns?”

“Even if we can do nothing, will you allow them to harass us?!” Anton retorted loudly, “Don’t you feel angry? Don’t you think this is unfair?”

Oleg suddenly said, “You might have a good family, so you may think a revolution can work and solve the problems. However, you may not know that in some cases resisting will probably cause you a deeper pain, and at the end, you may laugh at your naivety. People like me are selfish. I’ll kill you. If you don’t want that, eat more and gather your strength.”

“So you choose to be bullied, never to resist, and to be a coward who grins and bears everything huh? / “If not, it’ll result in more damage. So you feel it doesn’t matter if you hurt yourself and cause the people you love get into trouble, right?!!”

“Even if you kill me and leave the ring successfully, do you think Andrew will let you go?! This time he can threaten you, it means there’ll be a second time! If you think about it, you’ll see that Andrew will threaten you all your life.” / “Everything I do is just for my loved ones! Don’t be such an idealist! Face the reality! And the reality is that we’re screwed! Like stray curs!”

“If you don’t want to be threatened, you must resist! No one can save you except yourself! Nikita said the Oleg of that year was worthy of his respect!” / “So, I have to leave this place! No matter what! I need to survive!”

“Look at your appearance! Have you ever thought what if your kid sees you as a cowardly father and how he will judge you!! What will your kid think when he sees you kneeling down to the villain?!” / “I have nothing at all, I cannot lose my son! You’re not a father, so you know nothing about it! What do you know in your reckless and hot-blooded head? You even don’t know what the socie

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