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Chapter 272: Disguise The Authentic with The Fake


Afterwards, Urey summoned Edgar to his side and asked him if he recognized the two guests he had just met.

However, Edgar showed a sense of confusion and answered, “Sir, were there any guests just now? Why didn’t I have an impression?”

He forgot it.

He completely forgot it… Not only Edgar, but even the beautiful servant girl who had just shaved him, even the strong bodyguard who served as a part-time driver in this manor. They all said they didn’t notice anyone come.

Urey sat in his own study room, absent-minded. Even if it was just a study room, it was decorated as if it were a palace.

Besides him there was the seal which was said to have the power to employ all the asset of the inheritors of the Typica’s Family, and 15% of all the family’s properties.

“Edgar.. what’s the amount of my personal properties?” Urey asked subconsciously.

“Sir, your estate is approximately 4.1 billion Euro.”

“Family… What about my family?”

“It might take certain amount of time to calculate in order to get an accurate number.” Edgar replied with revere, “Sir, the international market is constantly changing, and the accurate amount will be ready during the family banquet at the end of the year. But last year, the number calculated was 75.4 billion Euro.”

15 per cent… 75.4 billion… Euro…

Urey had to wipe his face with his hands in order to calm himself down. Edgar, however, was able to perform his duty well, “Sir, are you uncomfortable? Do you need me to call the doctor?”

Right… There was also a private doctor in this manor.

“No, it’s fine. I want to stay alone for a moment. Leave me alone.” Urey calmed himself down.

Edgar nodded, with his hands on his thigh and bowed a little bit, then straightly left this room.

Urey subconsciously pinched his eyebrow and leaned on the chair. He looked up at the hanging ornament on the ceiling… Ornaments of this kind might take him eight years, even ten years or more to afford, considering his salary when he worked in the gallery.


“There’s only a month’s time…”

Urey slowly closed his eyes—because he knew, the month’s extremely luxurious life was exchanged by everything of his.

Inside the building, Anna was waiting for the screen of the elevator to show the number of the floor she would arrive.


She walked out of the elevator, but outside the door were two men standing guard. They scanned her body from front to behind skillfully with a scanner.

But she seemed sort of discontent, “Do I have to go through the same thing every time?”

“Miss Anna, you should know except for Mr. Efim’s family members, whoever else will have to go through this process,” one of them answered indifferently.

The other answered calmly, “It’s all done. Miss Anna, Mr. Efim is already inside waiting for you.”

Anna laughed slightly and mocked, “I am glad that you were not there watching when I had sex with your boss. Or even if your boss was as strong as a bear, I wouldn’t be able to reach orgasm.”

They pretended not to hear that.

Like statues, the two returned back to the elevator.

Anna retracted her gaze and walked into the room filled that gave of a seemingly sci-fi vibe—Inside, there was a glass wall of almost 180 angle and the height of this building also made it possible to have a wide view from here.

“You are back.”

At this moment, on the winding stair, a strong… actually, fat, middle-aged man slowly walked down.

“Have you handled the matter already?” he continued.

Anna flicked her hair with a seductive smile, suddenly spread her fingers and pressed them on her chests… Slowly moved down, “Here, here…and here, three bullets.”

Efim just glimpsed indifferently, then nodded and walked towards the bar nearby, suddenly saying, “What’s the original price the guy stated?”

“Ten million Euro

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