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Chapter 145: Reincarnation


The shadow was floating in the room, and the face seemed to be exactly the same…

Brother Panther’s hands and feet were ice-cold. Looking at the ghost, his hidden ferociousness was ignited all at once. It was said that the human race was afraid of ghosts at three points, ghosts were afraid of human beings at 7 points!

Brother Panther, who was forced to feel like a desperate man, suddenly dashed towards the ghost, saying, “Come on!! Come on!! I can even strangle a ghost!”

Brother Panther was just like a ferocious man, passing through the body of the ghost at once. Nevertheless his body didn’t stop, instead, he knocked into the wall directly as if he was pushed by a huge force. Then, his entire person lost consciousness.

The underling, who was pressing on the door at that moment, saw this. He trembled and shivered even more… Gradually, there came a colliding feeling against the door. He felt like he would fail to hold the door shut soon!

Eventually, the door was smashed open all at once!

The entire body of the underling was pushed away. His head suddenly bumped against one side of the cabinet and fell unconscious. But at this point, Liu Ang raised his head slowly outside of the door.

The phantasm seemed to become even more concise. The huge face that shrouded his body became even more distinctive!

Liu Ang’s was screaming with a cold look, “Old ghost, it was you! I perceived that something had been with me during these two days… It was you! It was you! You came to me, didn’t you! You come to get your revenge, didn’t you… You come to grab my stuff, didn’t you!”

The shadow of the ghost who had been silent all this time, just like heaving a sigh, suddenly transformed into a roll of gray smoke, rolling towards Liu Ang!

In the meantime, the virtual shadow that was wrapped around Liu Ang’s body was blown out instantly!

The two virtual shadows clashed with each other eventually, generating a forceful thrust. In an instant, it struck Liu Ang’s body and sent his body rolling back out of the corridor!

At this moment, in the room, the virtual shadows of the two ghosts twined together causing a strong wind to come into the entire room!

Liu Ang climbed up from the ground, looking like he just woke up. When he saw the strange sight happening in the room, he shrieked and ran down the stairs frantically!

He couldn’t recall at all what had happened… Except that he sensed something had been stalking him for all the time during these two days!

That face… the face carrying sneers and grudges— It was his father— Liu Jianming’s face!

“There is a ghost… There is a ghost…”

Liu Ang ran to the hall in panic, tripping over something all of a sudden, and falling down to the ground. He reached out and found out that it was actually a person.

The lightning flashed outside, with the help of the white light, Liu Ang saw the man’s face… His tongue was out, with his eyes wide opened… It turned out that it was a dead man’s face!


Liu Ang exclaimed. At this moment, he saw a figure walking step by step on the second floor of the corridor!

The figure on the corridor looked down at once, an old face was clearly seen. Liu Ang seemed to hear the figure crying ceaselessly, as if calling his name, “Liu Ang… Liu Ang… My good son… Liu Ang… Liu Ang….”

He called his name again and again.

Liu Ang’s body was shivering, with his head shaking ceaselessly, “He is coming to take away my life, he is coming to take away my life… He is coming to rob my treasure…”

The figure walked down through the stairway gradually.

Liu Ang’s eyes were wandering. He felt his heartbeat becoming faster. Then he covered the necklace on his neck fiercely, the huge fear making him tremble, without leaving him any strength.

Suddenly… a black card came into his sight!

That was the black card floating out slow

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