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Chapter 241: Protection Fee


“Yeah, get closer… well, good, cheese!”

After the uncle finished taking pictures, he came to Luo Qiu with a cellphone, praising, “Your girlfriend is very beautiful!”

“Thank you.”

Luo Qiu accepted the compliment.

He was not sure about what exactly the reference standard was for Ekaterina II in creating You Ye’s body but it was hard to find a place that could be called a flaw on the combination of both eastern and western advantages.

The uncle smiled and said, “Are you guys new students? Or tourists?”

Luo Qiu felt curious, “Is there any difference between them?”

The uncle who was caught in front of the Petrov Theater and from the same country as Luo Qiu laughed, “Because if you’ve been here for a long time, you’ll probably not come back unless to watch the show. From your age, you must be tourists if not students.”

“We could be called tourists.” Luo Qiu replied.

Uncle was very enthusiastic about introducing the surrounding places, telling some of the things they should pay attention to with nearly a decade of his living experience at this place.

“… You must bring some proof of your identity and visas with you. Here, the police will check our documents at times. If you forget to take them, then just say you don’t know! They will do nothing to you. In addition, if you have some troubles, go find a local lawyer. They will always be more effective than find the embassy. ”


The uncle smiled, passing him a business card.

The front was a description in Russian, while the back was written in Chinese, which was very familiar to Luo Qiu.

Da Lie Law Firm.

Shen Mingjun.

Looking at Luo Qiu who was holding a business card with a weird look, the uncle… Shen Mingjun smiled and said, “I didn’t say that the embassy is not good on purpose out of the the desire of looking for businesses… well, if you guys live here for a long time, you’ll understand what I said little by little.”

“That’s all right.” Luo Qiu received the business card.

Shen Mingjun smiled, “Well, I have something else to do, have a good time here.”

Watching Shen Mingjun leave, Luo Qiu passed the card to You Ye. Then the servant girl put it in her handbag.

As the club boss, there should not be anything that needed help from a lawyer…Moreover, he was absolutely new to this unknown place.

But the servant girl was by his side… She used to stay in this place for a very long period before the club moved to the city where he lived.

With his head down, Luo Qiu delivered the picture. It might temporarily bottle Ren Ziling’s mouth.

“Do you want take a walk somewhere?” Luo Qiu looked at You Ye.

This time they came to Moscow because Luo Qiu once promised You Ye to visit this place. Hence, Luo Qiu allowed You Ye to make the decision by herself.

“There’s nothing special for me to visit.” You Ye shook her head and whispered,

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