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Chapter 130: She’s NOT…Human


Officer Ma, Ma Houde, was an honest man. A mere bottle of ice beer couldn’t satisfy his craving after lying in the hospital for so long. Therefore, he asked for a bottle of spirits from his wife, saying that Ye Yan would pay the bill no matter the price because that guy earns more than him, plus more bonus and better performance.

Ma Houde was not jealous at all; instead, he was happy for his good brother and proud of his achievements, speaking the words from his heart that Ye Yan was the second one he admired in his life. At that dinner, he drank almost 2/3 bottle of the spirits himself.

Luo Qiu couldn’t remember the last time he had been in such a lively atmosphere for more than an hour. He didn’t feel any discomfort even though he used to be alone.

He was like an innocent kid who just discovered how to climb mountains, drinking tea made by Ye Yan, and listening to their bragging. Some which he had heard before, some which were new to him, which slowly deepen their friendship.

Yet, nobody mentioned the taboo words. Luo Qiu knew everybody took his mood into consideration, so they avoid talking about the person whom could touch upon Luo Qiu’s emotion.

Not long after, Ma Houde drank too much. He suddenly knocked the glass with his chopsticks, making belches as he shambled to stand up. “Listen! These days… I really want to thank my wife for the thorough care every day!”

Instead of continuing proposing a toast, unexpectedly he said, “For appreciating her hardworking, I want to sing a song for her!!!”

Ren Ziling said f*ck on the spot, her face reddened after drinking 3 cups of spirits. Then, she hurriedly covered her ears and stayed far away.

Yet, Ma Houde didn’t care at all, merely glaring at her before walking to the TV to choose a song. He picked up the microphone, “I’ve heard my favorite song in the hospital these days! Now I’m singing that song for you brats, don’t laugh!”

He not only had the honor of the top sharpshooter and the heaviest smoker, Officer Ma used to be a karaoke master when he was young.

This restaurant had a long history, its decorations were styled from a dozen years ago and had quite an old TV screen. It definitely couldn’t compare to a professional karaoke room. Yet, perhaps due to it bringing up the old memories of that time, Luo Qiu saw that his wife showed a ridiculing face, yet her look was expectative.

Ye Yan didn’t go to see; instead, he lowered his head, playing around with the glass that there still had liquor in it.

“If I didn’t meet you, where… will I be, how is… my life…”

There might be such time a dozen years ago, probably before Luo Qiu was born… A circle of friends, fighting in jest or for fun.

It said ten years caused a cycle and two decades creates a replacement.

Luo Qiu thought it was still their time now.

“I will send Old Ma back. Ye Yan, come to visit wh

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