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Chapter 146: The Penny-Pinching Yang Taizi


The third day.

For the working class, after 2 days of the typhoon, the news from the observatory reporting that it had ceased was definitely the best news they had heard in these two days. Yet, it still rained and was not convenient for pedestrians.

The business street was totally sluggish in the morning. Nonetheless, a customer came to the club.

“This is the top-grade tender bamboo shoots from Zhijiang, my regards.”

Looking at some pouches of bamboo shoots in the bag that Yang Taizi had passed, the servant girl took it over with a faint smile. It was so natural that one would think that it was as if she had bought them in the supermarket.

“Where’s the boss?” Yang Taizi looked at You Ye and asked in fear while trembling.

It was not that he was only willing to come again after such a long time, but because he had tried his best to kill Ghost King Tongtian in a short period of time on that day. Since then, he had chosen a place to heal his wounds and only showed up again when he almost fully recovered these two days.

Since he had helped Ghost King Tongtian, he felt that he might have offended this mysterious place… That day, the servant girl left without leaving any words, but how could Yang Taizi pretend nothing had happened?

Yang Taizi understood the principle of catering to another’s pleasure. It’d be better to send something they like than some treasures. Remembering You Ye’s question about tender bamboo shoots, this old Taoist got some top-graded products by using connections.

Miss Servant Girl said with a smile, “Master is sleeping upstairs, he’ll come down soon.”

He’d become the boss of the club, yet still didn’t change his meal times or his everyday schedule.

Yang Taizi nodded, “That’s OK. I can wait here.”

He sat down in a perfectly straight position, with his eyes closed, never looking right or left. Looking so peaceful due to the cultivation of a Taoist. Yet there was another thought generated from the heart of this old Taoist.

Yang Taizi couldn’t remember how long has it been since he was the waiting party.

It must have been 70 years ago when he was still cultivating Taoism. He had went to the hall of the grounds and kneeled on the cattail hassock.

“Sorry for letting the customer wait so long.”

Boss Luo knew that the customer was Yang Taizi, so he seemed to be more easy-going.

Yang Taizi opened his eyes.

The purpose he came was for two things. One was to confirm the attitude of the club regarding the issue of Ghost King Tongtian; the other was about the second half of the content concerning the white jade token.

Luo Qiu sat down and drank a mouthful of black tea to refresh himself. He then opened his mouth, “The reason for Taoist Priest to come is to complete the transaction from last time?”

He only asked about the issue of the transaction? Yang Taizi thought in mind. Since he didn’t mention the matter of Ghost King Tongtian, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. However, he couldn’t make sure based merely on this simple clue.

In his view, it was hard to guess the thoughts of this boss— but since the boss didn’t mention anything, Yang Taizi wouldn’t say it out at all.

“It’s not about the last transaction.” Yang Taizi breathed deeply, “Poor Taoist came this time for other business.”

Luo Qiu was curious, “Go ahead please.”

Yang Taizi said after a second of hesitation, “I hope this club could help me to fight…”

Yang Taizi started to tell the reason why he was so poor.

Originally, a powerful monster came to the mountain where this old Taoist had stayed 10 years ago. The Taoist grounds that had been inherited for countless years until it was passed to Yang Taizi and his master were forcibly occupied by this strong monster.

Therefore, he and his master went to find a common mountain. The old Taoist wanted to seiz

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