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Chapter 162: A Far But Near Place


The Old Town.

Luo Qiu, who hadn’t come back here for a period, got up earlier this morning and arrived at this place.

There were fewer people than usual coming to Old Chen’s bun house.

The Old Chen couple wasn’t here and the tea here seemed to be cooler than before.

When Luo Qiu arrived, Chen Youjiu was kneading dough at the operation floor alone. A newly-hired aunt was serving customers.

Luo Qiu sat back at his preferred seat. Chen Youjiu paused as he finished twisting a dough and wiped away the sweat. He found Luo Qiu after he had sat there for approximately a quarter hour.

Chen Youjiu who had inherited the bun house smiled and walked out holding a small teapot. A white towel hanged on his neck, which was quite similar to Old Chen’s appearance.

Chen Youjiu greeted him and sat down. From taciturnity at the beginning to a torrent of words gradually, he was talking about the things that happened after Old Chen passed away.

“It’s quite miraculous.” Chen Youjiu shook his head, sighing, “The doctor said my parents left very quietly, like dying a natural death. I thought that evening I came back for dinner with my wife and kid, my father might have the feeling that he was about to go away, so he took out those documents and gave them to give me.”

Speaking of this, Chen Youjiu had a special sense of sadness.

At this time, the new aunt took a basket of steamed buns. Luo Qiu grabbed one, breaking it apart. The fresh minced meat emitted a good aroma that whets one’s appetite, white flour gave out a sense of satiation after being steamed.

“The bun is still here.”

Luo Qiu took a bite, “And the taste too.”

Chen Youjiu belonged to one of the honest men. At this moment, he smiled while saying, “Yeah, my father attracted some regular customers of his generation throughout his whole life of hard work. And next, I will have my own as well.”

Chen Youjiu looked at the merry hall, which was not as noisy as before, but at least it still had half occupied. Having a smile that contained satisfaction, he said happily, “Recently, my kid said that he wants to learn to make buns.”

It was good to pass it from one generation to another.

“Brother Chen, I want two baskets of buns.” Luo Qiu smiled, “I’m buying it to treat others.”

Chen Youjiu laughed, “No problem! I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the abundant stuffings!”

Holding a bag of hot buns, it’d take him at least more than one hour to go to a hotel from the old town.

Hot air of the buns was still preserved because Boss Luo gave up using all transportation to get there.

The room was extremely tidy, even the quilt had been folded up in a square and was put in the middle of the bed.

This room hadn’t been checked out but the grey-white sack and the bamboo pole disappeared. Of course, the aunt wasn’t there either.

Luo Qiu could imagine where she was.

The car went out of through the gate of the estate.

Fang Jiping took a glance at the rearview mirror while driving. He found an old woman sitting at the parterre outside of the estate. She was massaging her own legs.

Looking at the car had totally diverged the lane, Fang Ruchang who was at his side knitted his brows. “Jiping, pay attention when you’re driving.”

Fang Jiping turned around, drove it back unwittingly to the normal lane.

“What are you thinking about?” Fang Ruchang asked curiously.

Fang Jiping slowed down his speech, “Nothing, just thought of the concert…Well, I can play better in two bars.”

Fang Ruchang didn’t suspect him. Nodding his head and closing his eyes, he sat quietly on the front passenger seat.

After the car left, the aunt stood up with the help of the bamboo pole. She had poor eyesight, but at least she could see the position of the security booth.

The aunt got close to it. The security guard opened the doo

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