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Chapter 210: Must Be A Lovely Girl


“Come in.”

Luo Qiu went back to the school on this day, the next day after Ye Yan left.

And the person who greeted him was still Teacher Wang Luo.

Luo Qiu walked up to Wang Luo, recognizing quickly that he was the student of Professor Qin Fang. She also recalled the matter about the replacement of the two students.

So Wang Luo smiled, “I remember… You’re Luo Qiu. Have you made up your mind? You’d like to switch your major or wait for the newly hired teacher?”

She continued saying, “But there’s a bad news, I’m not sure. Because there are too little students in this major, the university is discussing if we should repeal this major. The hiring process will still go on, but… the result is not fruitful.”

“That’s all right.” Luo Qiu said indifferently, “I came here this time to proceed with the dropout procedures.”


Wang Luo didn’t expect this reply from her at all. She looked slightly distracted and flabbergasted, “Luo Qiu, do you have any dissatisfaction with the process of the disposition? If yes, you can bring it up, we’ll respect students’ opinions.”

Standing in the shoes of the university, Wang Luo definitely had the duty to retain students in this situation— It was not due to the student’s mistake. Wang Luo didn’t know this student very well. What if he spread negative news about the university after leaving? It would a hassle.

“Oh no, it’s all because of my personal reason.” Luo Qiu said politely, “Don’t worry. I won’t look into the responsibilities of the school. If you are still worried, we can sign an agreement.”

“Oh I see…” Wang Luo considered for a second, “Give me a second, let me make a phone call.”

Luo Qiu nodded.

Wang Luo left the office quickly, she made a call in the corridor. Soon after, she walked back quickly, “The headmaster said it’s ok but we probably cannot go through the procedures today…Well.”

Wang Luo didn’t finish her sentence. She covered her mouth, frowning, and retched.

“Are you OK?”

Wang Luo took a deep breath, taking a sip of water and shaking her head. She lowered her head, feeling her belly with a smile, “I’m fine, I got used to it after these few days.”

Luo Qiu smiled, “Congratulations.”

Wang Luo sighed, “I didn’t want a baby before but still found out that I’m pregnant at last. Alas, I still feel very anxious these days. But…”

She looked out of the window subconsciously.

Not long ago when the typhoon struck, a tree was blown down at that place. She felt her belly, revealing a blissful smile, “I have a feeling that this will be a baby girl.”

Luo Qiu nodded, smiling, “Well, I think she will be very lovely.”


Subeditor Ren was seeking for news materials in the street. She looked up to the scorching sun, asking her female assistant, “Lizi, go buy two cups of milk tea. My treat.”

“Sister Ren, your hand got hurt. Don’t you need to avoid certain food? She rolled her eyes, “Besides, milk tea contains high calories.”

The assistant pinched her slightly plump belly, “I’m not like you who won’t get fat no matter how much you eat.”

It killed Ren Ziling’s interest. She was boringly watching people walking pass on the street. Suddenly, she asked, “Why are there so many students walking pass on the street? Don’t they need to attend classes?”

Lizi smiled, “They’re enjoying the summer holiday. Sister Ren, don’t you know that?”

Ren Ziling used her hand to block the sun, looking up at the blue sky and sighing emotionally, “Oh, it’s summer holiday… summer holiday, summer holiday, summer holiday?”

Subeditor Ren grabbed her assistant’s arm suddenly, squinting her eyes, “Lizi, last week there was a resort asking us to prepare a news report, right? Where are the materials?”

“Ah? You said you’re not interested. So I rejected them that day.”

“…Quick, go contact them. Tell them

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