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Chapter 258: The First Day—Moscow


At the Sheremetyevo International Airport, the deafening roar of the planes could still be heard despite one leaving the place already.

“Well, I’ve got off the plane and I’m picking up my baggage,” Luo Qiu said nonchalantly on the phone.

But endless questions followed from the other side, “Wait, how is the weather there? Did you take enough clothes? Do you need me to send you more? What about underpants? Are they enough … Hey! Don’t hang up on me!!”


Standing beside Boss Luo was a young servant girl who was held a simple handbag. At that moment she smiled and said, “Miss Ren really cares about the master.”

Luo Qiu gazed at You Ye and said thoughtfully, “I sense something between the two of you. Did anything happen when you were in Lui Village?”

The loyal maid smiled faintly to this his question, “There’s nothing special, but Miss Ren taught me privately about something interesting.”

Luo Qiu asked curiously, “Oh? What can you expect her to teach you?”

You Ye took a glance at Luo Qiu and said smilingly, “Amazon, Cowgirl, well … let me think …”

Boss Luo sensed some degree of awkwardness— and yes, he was right.

He gently gave himself a face palm, as if nothing has happened, “Where’s the taxi you booked?”

“It’s right in front.”

As he observed You Ye leading the way, he suddenly chuckled… whatever it was seemed like a joke now.

And it seemed like this is the first joke from You Ye since he became the club’s boss.

Luo Qiu looked at the sky above Moscow and thought… perhaps it was because she has returned to this familiar place.

Wait, why did You Ye describe those nasty matters as…

Interesting things???

At Sheremetyevo International Airport outside Moscow, Boss Luo’s mind turned muddled.

“Is this your first trip here?”

The taxi driver was a talkative person…Luo Qiu nodded a number of times to keep the conversation going— he knew that the experienced driver could see him through the rear-view mirror.

“For work or travel?” The old driver continued to ask.

You Ye answered politely, “We’re tourists… by the way, will it be alright if you take another route? I think it would be faster if we go by the road near Petrov Theatre.”

The driver was surprised, but he didn’t look embarrassed. Instead, he laughed and turned the steering wheel and headed for the other direction. He made hay while the sun shined, “When talking about Petrov Theatre, you two shouldn’t miss the chance to see the ballet! My calling cards are in the bag. If you want the theatre tickets, I can get you good seats.”

“No thanks, but could you please stop at the theatre?” Luo Qiu said unexpectedly, “I want to take a walk there.”

“No problem!”

Soon after, the driver said goodbye and drove back to the airport in high spirits. He did not show any displeasure due to the small earning.


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