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Chapter 35: A Spectacle Evoked By Abundant Imagination


The director’s speed was lightning fast, the patient had been sent into the sickroom as per his instructions. Jiang Chu was taken by surprise.

It was a cute little girl.

Jiang Chu felt agitated somehow, looking at the girl laying in the sickbed with a pale face due to the serious illness.

Don’t look at me like this… don’t look at me like this.

His heart kept repeating those words, begging pitifully. However, he had to show a calm face and speak about the status of the patient with the director.

The little girl’s grandfather—that retired officer from the Municipal Health Bureau, was with them too.

What a retired officer….he was obviously the previous director. The current director was his student and the successor chosen by him personally.

“Doctor Jiang, if everything is prepared, can we start the operation soon? Because I don’t want my granddaughter to suffer from this illness every day.”

Nevertheless, now, he was only an ordinary grandfather of a patient, with a helpless expression on his face.

Would the operation be successful?

This operation could be performed within 5 to 6 hours. His trembling hands might be prevented through medication.

“Mister Doctor, could you make Tingting better?”

Don’t look at me with this kind of expression…please don’t…

Jiang Chu gritted his teeth, “Director, she needs more time to prepare and adjust…I understand the feelings of her relatives, but you should know, more care should be taken when performing brain surgeries.”

Dean Ma nodded, “I understand. But I assure you, everything that you need will be prioritized. Don’t worry about the rest. They have decided to do the operation several months ago, since then, she has received good care, so the operation can take place anytime.”

Jiang Chu answered, “I got it.”

Tingting’s grandfather tightly grasped Jiang Chu’s hands. “Doctor Jiang, everything depends on you.”

Jiang Chu deeply breathed. “I’ll try my best.”

Not long after, Jiang Chu went back to his office and laid on his sofa with his eyes closed. As soon as he closed his eyes, he seemed to see the little girl’s gaze.

It made him restless and annoyed.

Jiang Chu fished out the black card from his pocket, staring at it, lost in thought.

It was as if voice entered his mind and said, “Come over here…come over here…your wish will come true…come over here…”

All of a sudden, his cellphone rang. Jiang Chu was startled by the sound. His hand trembled, causing him to drop the black card onto the ground.

Jiang Chu frowned. Finally, he answered the phone. It was from his ex-wife.

They had divorced earlier, and Jiang Chu got the custody over his son. But he did not forget about old times, allowing his son to stay with his ex-wife for several days every once in a while.

It reduced the stress since he was busy working in t

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