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Chapter 44: Storage


Officer Ma took off Jiang Chu’s white doctor’s coat, then rolled around his hands to hide the handcuffs. He warned, “You have 5 minutes.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Chu choked his sobs back.

Officer Ma called out two of his partners and ordered them. “Take care of him, take him back to the office when the time is up!”

“Yes, sir!”

Officer Ma nodded, watching them to take Jiang Chu away while he grumbled about something and walked off in another direction.

He had not gone far, when his cellphone rang. Officer Ma answered it and kept nodding after listening to the report. “You brats did a good job this time! Catching him in such a short time!”

Someone said on the phone, “That guy rushed to the back alley of the hospital. When we caught up to him, we found him kneeling on the ground. Seems like he was hit by falling flowerpot from upstairs!”

Officer Ma was stupefied.

First, a criminal committed suicide by biting his own tongue, then this guy was hit by flowerpot… were these retributions they received from the heavens?

After walking out of the lift, the room of his son was the second one after the turning the corner. Jiang Chu looked down, while the two plainclothes policemen followed him on both sides.

The people walking pass him occasionally in the corridor would throw strange gazes at him—the cover over his hands was merely a way to comfort himself. With two such people following him, it was easy to imagine the situation just by thinking a little.

Jiang Chu had even seen a familiar nurse in the hospital who wanted to talk with him. However, he shook his head to deter her.

He smiled bitterly to himself. He had walked down this corridor many times but had never felt it to be so long.

“Officers, can I walk go in alone? I promise I won’t run away… anyway, it’s not like I’m able to escape,” Jiang Chu turned to them and implored.

One officer thought for a second, then nodded. It was the seventh floor, plus with handcuffs, it was impossible to flee.

Right at that time, a cleaner with a handcart approached from the front. The two officers took Jiang Chu aside to give way.

However, unexpectedly, the cleaner suddenly slammed his handcart against the trio furiously. He waved his sleeve and a dagger appeared immediately.

He caught the dagger instantaneously before thrusting it at Jiang Chu.

Nevertheless, at this point, a bottle of water was thrown and struck his head severely. The power was equivalent to a hard blow.

The cleaner was assaulted by a sense of dizziness. He recovered a moment later but by that time, the two plainclothes had pinned him onto the ground, immobilizing him.

Officer Ma came up and sneered. “F*cking idiot! I knew you would do this! Did you think I would release him without any thought?”

The arrested cleaner stared at Officer Ma without a sound.

Officer Ma sneered, cuffing his hands behind his back. He then called another cop to watch over the cleaner together.

“You… take this guy over there… let him go in alone,” Officer Ma ordered.

Jiang Chu gratefully glanced at the officer who swore frequently, lowering his head and walking to the end of the corridor silently.

Officer Ma lit up a cigarette while keeping an eye on the cleaner.

“Officer Ma, this is the hospital…”

Officer Ma gave a start before putting out the cigarette restlessly. “You’ll die! Bastard! You’d better cooperate with us!”

The cleaner then smiled bizarrely, “Officer, you’re so clever, you even knew we had one more trick.”

Officer Ma sneered, “I’ve way more experience than you guys!”

The cleaner said, “But what if we had two tricks?”

Officer Ma stared blankly, a sense of foreboding slowly arose. It was then that all the lights simultaneously extinguished instantly!

Officer Ma reacted quickly and immediately pounced onto the cleaner, but was kicked in the s

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