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Chapter 140: The Weather that Monsters and Demons Love


At night, in Liu family’s mansion.

“Dad… don’t hit anymore! Stop! ”

Liu Ang’s son, Liu Zixing, huddled himself up at this moment. His arms were bruised due to being struck by the stick that Liu Ang held.

Liu Ang’s wife came back from the hotel early to dissuade him with his daughter-in-law. She cried, “Stop fighting! Would you beat your son to death?”

Once hearing it, Liu Ang was even angrier, “How dare you criticize me? You even scared me with this brat? Kill him? I think you’re wanting to scare me to death!!!”

Liu Zixing’s wife was afraid, “Dad… we just, just. Please save Zixing! He knows his wrongs!”

Liu Ang looked at Liu Zixing who hid behind his wife and daughter-in-law, snorting, “I’ve told you many times, you won’t have a good result by gambling! But you don’t listen! Let me ask you how much debts have I settled for you over the years? Hundreds of thousands yuan, a million! Millions of yuan! Again and again! You still do it! And this time you even lost several tens of millions!! I can’t afford you, bloodsucker!! Are you an idiot?!”

Liu Zixing cried bitterly, “Dad, I really dare not do it again… Please save me one more time! If I gamble again, just cut off my hands!”

“Well! Chop it now and I will give you money right away! I promise!” Liu Ang snorted, “It’s easier to support disabled person than a gambler! Feeding a dog will cost me less than raising you!”

“Dad you…” Liu Zixing looked at his mom at the moment with a cry of help.

Liu’s gracious mother became soft-hearted immediately, “Liu Ang, are you really so cruel to watch your son chop his hands off?”

“Well, that is too cruel.” At the moment Liu Ang picked up the fruit knife on the tea table directly, “Let me chop it for him!” Then he rushed forward.

“Old fart!!” Liu Zixing now scolded, “You really won’t help right?”

Liu Ang opened his eyes wide, “If you don’t chop your hands, just get out! I never had such a brute of a son!”

Liu Zixing gritted his teeth. “Fine… I’ll get out! I don’t have such a ruthless father! Watch me! When I’m dead on the streets, I won’t let you off!”

“Bastard!” Liu Ang was enraged at once. The fruit knife in his hand was thrown away immediately, nearly stabbing Liu Zixing’s body. “Get out! Go as far as you can! Never come back again!”

Liu Zixing clenched his fist and ran out.

Liu’s mom looked and wailed, “Liu Ang, you bastard, you really drove your son out!”

Liu Ang snorted, “You two had better calm down! Or you two can get out of here too! It is true that the kind mother will raise prodigal sons! You spoiled him! Later, don’t mention this brat before me or you won’t have any good days!” After saying, Liu Ang went up to the study on the second floor.

Liu’s mom and Liu Zixing’s wife held each other’s hands with sadness on faces. Liu’s mom sighed, “Let Zixing stay out for a few days. Your dad is mad at him for now, I will persuade him during these days.”

That was the only way.

There was a safe deposit box built in the study, hidden behind the Portrait of Eight Breeds.

Liu Ang locked the door of the room, removing the hanging painting, and opening the safe door. He thought that only he knew the code of the box, hence it would be impossible to open it normally.

He didn’t know which of the three people came up with that idea. That person presumably wanted to have all the people in the mansion leave before getting the whole safe out?

“They are all vampires!”

Liu Ang cursed faintly, taking out that black card from his clothes, and then putting it in the safe. He breathed deeply and seemed much better. Then he removed another box from the safe.

He walked to the desk and sat down before opening it. Under the light, the things in the box radiated brightly and beautifully.

That was a black diamond the same size as a cobblestone with

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