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Chapter 188: The Only Winner


The speed of recovery shocked Ye Yan. The world he lived in was also considered as an underworld. He was aware of how serious he was hurt and understood the principle of ‘touch the darkness and you shall be defiled’ since the first day he joined the game.

Based on the medical knowledge he had learnt, he knew how severe his previous injuries were. He wouldn’t even recover fully in 3 weeks’ time, let alone one week.

After washing his face in the washroom, Ye Yan knocked on the mirror in a good mood where his face was reflected, chuckling, “It seems like you have quite a good luck.”

Following his recovery, his appetite had naturally increased.

But he stopped eating the take-out after the first bite. It reminded him of the first year when he graduated from school, he was arranged to work in a place far from his hometown. Both the food and accommodation condition were bad over there. The only thing that could comfort him was the special soybean paste noodles from Xiao Chun Martial Club.

The taste didn’t only stimulate his taste buds but reminded him of the past good memories hidden in his heart.

Ye Yan opened the door, walked down to the front desk and looked at the boss. “Boss, where did you order the take-out?”

The middle-aged boss was reading newspapers while smoking. He raised his head, “Why? It’s from the noodle restaurant at the corner of the street. Does it taste bad?”

“Has it been open for long?”

“A dozen year.” He said casually, “If you don’t like it, I can ask them to cook another one for you. They are my old neighbors and very easy-going.”

Ye Yan shook his head, saying ‘no need’. He suddenly thought of something and asked the boss, “By the way, are there any letters for me today?”

“No, there is none.” The boss glanced at this customer with curiosity.

‘Who will receive registered letters in this era?’—He would definitely not ask this. In this unauthorized hotel, anybody can live here as long as they pay. The only requirement was not to create any trouble.

“If there is, please notify me.”

Ye Yan went back to his room, sitting back in front of the table. He ate very slowly, a string of noodle might take him a long while to be chewed and swallowed.

To swallow the loneliness and helplessness here, the uncertainty and danger of his future, and the happy memory of the past.

It was hard to deny that there were some people in the world who have strong hearts. No matter the dilemma or the despair they are in, they would never lose hope.

Such men could even die with hopes and no regrets. They had a very strong will to face the death.

Luo Qiu thought Ye Yan was a member of them.

You Ye was a very thoughtful girl who knew Luo Qiu would help her secretly without any condition. On the other hand, she realized that Ye Yan was probably the most difficult customer to deal with …Even if this k

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