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Chapter 220: We



Lizi made a horrifying voice and then covered her mouth with her hands immediately.

But Ren Ziling didn’t blame her—Because she couldn’t suppress her fear as well. She even felt her back turned cold after hearing Lui Chaosheng’s statement about the accident.

All the villagers took an innocent woman to the cliff together and threw her down into the sea alive regardless her pleas.

It was not only ruthless, it frightened people thinking about human’s ogrish hearts.

Ren Ziling sighed, “Fatuity is always abnormally terrible.”

She gave a wry smile, “I understand why you insist not to tell Yiyun. If she knew such thing, she…”

Lui Chaosheng heaved a long sigh, “This accident has always been a taboo in this village. Decades later, the elimination of the four stereotypes extended here. Nobody mentioned about that incident. Everyone came to a consensus to act as if nothing had happened… who wants to recall that kind of things? And who wants to take charge of that thing? The instigator has been taken away and her house totally burned. They may think that their crimes have gone with the ashes.”

Ren Ziling heaved a sigh of relief, “No wonder Lui Hai’s family moved to such an isolated place… all the villagers are his enemy.”

Thinking of Lui Hai’s agitated expression, Ren Ziling could imagine that he had experienced many devastating things 40-50 years ago since he was a kid.

Lui Chaosheng’s consulting room fell silent.

Lizi lifted up the thing that Lui Chaosheng had shown them—it was the appearances of the people after they caught the weird disease.

It was not a photo but something that Lui Chaosheng drew from his memory. Lizi watched the thickly dotted swells on their hands and feet, couldn’t help feeling absolutely horrified, “Is that… really the demon’s curse?”

Lui Chaosheng shook his head, “My decision to study medicine was because I want to dig out what the disease it was. Because I don’t believe in the so-called curse.”

“Then did you find the reason?” Ren Ziling asked curiously.

Lui Chaosheng didn’t show an uncertain look, “No, I haven’t encountered this kind of disease yet throughout these years. But I’ve read some news regarding this kind of disease on the Internet in recent years thanks to advanced technology.”

Lui Chaosheng turned the old computer screen on his desk, clicking open the website that he had saved before saying slowly, “This kind of disease is rarely seen in the world, only 10 to 20 cases. There’s no clear definition for it from the medical aspect. The name ‘Mop hand’ was assigned to it temporarily, which means that after the patient’s’ limbs become deformed, a big amount of keratinocytes will grow and make them look like a mop. It should be a kind of cell mutation disease.”

“Well… I’ve read a report about this disease before.” Ren Ziling nodded.

She looked at the photo of the patient on the webpage and found it similar to the photo that Lui Chaosheng had drawn.

“This disease makes patients’ limbs look like mops and also like corals at the seabed. No one knows if their bodies will be fully covered with keratinocytes. But to the people at that time, it was quite horrible. Therefore, the villagers believed in Immortal Huang’s aspersion.” Lui Chaosheng shook his head, “I’ve been keeping this secret for years. I planned to tell Yiyun if she asks me again at anytime.”

Ren Ziling fell silent for a while, “Doctor, can I keep these pictures?”

Lui Chaosheng considered for a while, “If you want, you can keep them. They are useless to me anyways.”

Ren Ziling said while cleaning up, “Thank you, doctor. Then, we won’t disturb you any further…Lizi, let’s go.”

Watching them leave, Lui Chaosheng heaved a long sigh of relief. He leaned against the chair, lightened a cigarette, closed his eyes and thought about something.

It could have happened since a very long ti

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