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Chapter 252: Unawareness of the Opposite Guy


Anton’s threw his punch towards Andrews heavily, but Andrew, with his rich experience of fighting in rings, escaped Anton’s fist tactfully.

The fist hit the bookshelf behind Andrew and the thick wood couldn’t resist it! Anton swept his arm suddenly as it pierced through the bookshelf!

His strong arm was like a bulldozer, breaking the shelves, and then sweeping toward Andrew.

Andrew raised his both arms to protect his face, but they could not resist the powerful attack. After resisting the first attack, his body could not help but continue to retreat back. He couldn’t almost feel his arms.

Andrew even felt that his arm bones were about to be broken—he realized how terrible this guy’s strength was after experiencing it himself.

But there were some others in this deluxe and spacious study besides Andrew.

“Stop! Or you’ll probably not see this guy again!”

Andrew’s assistant yelled in a low voice!

Anton had to stop his attack— At least he knew what this guy was holding in hand and what situation Nikita was in.

His assistant held the pistol, aiming at the back of Nikita’s head, which had Nikita have to raise his both hands tremblingly and faked an ugly smile, “Hey, dude, I may get you into trouble, right? But if you tell me that it’s a massage stick behind me, I’ll probably praise you…”

“I also wish it just a stick,” Oleg said cautiously, while checking everything around quickly.

Andrew’s henchmen had already got up— though they revealed bad looks after being attacked by Anton, now the situation was obviously reversed.

Even Anton had to stop…how should he deal with it under such situation?

All of a sudden.

Oleg shouted.

Vanishing, Oleg suddenly jumped up! He was very tall, and jumped extremely high!

Oleg’s both hands grasped the luxury crystal ceiling lamp in the study! He abruptly pulled it down along with his roar!

With sparks flying everywhere, the decorative lighting crashed down the ground.

Out of instinct, the assistant subconsciously retreated two steps, while Oleg’s hand muscles swelled, grabbing the crystal lamp shelf, and swinging it about crazily. The assistant was hit and swept down to the ground.

“Go! Go!! Let’s go!” Oleg shouted like mad.

Witnessing this, Nikita pulled Anton’s arm, quickly escaping out of the door. And Oleg pulled the crystal lamp shelf, and had stuck at the doorframe to block the door temporarily, before following them to leave.

“Boss, are you okay?”

The assistant climb up, walking quickly to Andrew, and asking with panic.

Andrew suddenly took several times of deep breath, quickly walked back and forth with arms on his waist, turning around suddenly and saying, “Don’t stand about idly! Go chase them!!!”


“We should be safe for now.”

Oleg spread open the blind window and looked outside. As for Nikita, he brought a bottle of wine from the tea room expertly, walking out while drinking, with a few cups in his hand.

Oleg frowned, “Nikita, behave, don’t touch the company’s stuff without permission.”

“Boss, I’m hurting so bad, do you want me to die?” Nikita bared his fangs and sat down, putting down the cup. He poured wine while looking at Anton, “Here is the logistics company Oleg and I are working for. Andrew may go to Oleg’s home to look for us, but he won’t expect that we came to this place.”

Anton face showed a little excitement. He was still enjoying the memory what happened in the casino just now and couldn’t help looking at Oleg, “Dad … Mr. Oleg, you were just too cool just now!”

“Haha!” Nikita smiled with proud, “it’s just a small case! You know, Oleg even overturned an underworld gang that year! You may not imagine that the situation of that year was more thrilling than this time… ”

“Nikita, you talk too much!” Oleg suddenly alerted him.

Nikita closed hi

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