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Chapter 77: The Ancient Last Words


“Who… are you?”

Osmond didn’t show much vigilance but was instead, more curious about this black robe nun who had appeared all of a sudden.

Though he had returned to the Ceaucescu Family recently, he knew clearly that the whole family members held their beliefs in their hearts and not many people would go to mass every week.

“Mr. Osmond, you can call me Lamias.”

Then, Lamias made the sign of the cross faintly through her forehead, shoulders, and chest, in front of Osmond.

Osmond became a little more cautious— He didn’t believe in Saints stated in the Western history; however, his deceased mother was really a pretty religious believer.

Moreover, he saw this nun, Lamias, wearing a ring on the ring finger of her right hand… Was it the symbol of a nun’s nature of mind?

But why it was a black ring?

“What’s the matter?” Osmond couldn’t figure out why this nun suddenly appeared at this time and came to see him.

Logically speaking, his grandfather should not be a believer… Did he have the intention to be a convert as he was nearing the end of his life?

If so, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call for a priest?

On the contrary, Lamias smiled faintly, “There’s something here that needs to be passed to you.”

A white envelope had appeared in Lamias’s hand without notice. It was sealed with wax and the sign was the sigil of the Ceaucescu Family.

“Letter? To me… who?”

“From your mother.”

“My mother?” Osmond gazed at the white envelope in a trance. When he raised his head and wanted to ask more, Nun Lamias was nowhere to be seen.

The wind started to blow, and the rose in the yard swung faintly. Osmond frowned, as he opened the envelope—there was a yellowed piece writing paper that seemed to be from many years ago.

“My dear son, Osmond.”

“When you see this letter, I may have left the world. I love you, my son, I really really love you. If you feel satisfied with the current life and have a spouse, then I hope you do not continue to read. This is a mother’s request. Because on the next part, I have to tell you some long-lasting secrets about the Ceaucescu Family and the truth of your identity. All these might change your life totally, not for good, instead, they might make it more terrible.”

That was all on the first page. These were the notes that had been written by his mother—The handwriting was hard to be imitated as there were several hidden habits in the fine strokes that would be difficult to be perceived by outsiders.

Osmond was stunned. He didn’t know his mother was a daughter of the Ceaucescu Family until one year ago. It might be the next issue mentioned in the letter. His mother wouldn’t expect that his father would redress their relationship again after she eloped and left Ceaucescu‘s home.

Nevertheless, why did the young-looking nun keep his mother’s letter?

Osmond had to hold his horses and turned to page 2.

“I, am not the daughter of the Ceaucescu Family…”

Luo Qiu didn’t say much to Jonathan.

At the very start, he just had the simple intention of coming here to collect the debt. He would leave soon after he met the customer. To be honest, Boss Luo was more interested in the devil that had been suppressed by the Ceaucescu Family since 500 years ago, rather than Jonathan’s soul that he was about to take away.

“Is the Impaling Duke beneath the old well?”

At the center of the labyrinth surrounded by rose hedges, Luo Qiu was curiously checking out this old well that was under a large stone.

“To be precise, it’s merely a part of the Impaling Duke,” You Ye voiced softly. “Master, do you know about the history of the Impaling Duke?”

Luo Qiu thought for a moment, before saying, “I remember he failed in the war… and the body was separated. So do you mean, what’s sealed here is only part of the Impaling Duke’s body?”

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