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Chapter 269: Beauty is a Catastrophe


Headache is often accompanied after one drinks vodka. And Urey was not an exception.

Urey waked up and found himself lying on a very comfortable bed. He quietly looked at the delicate decoration on the ceiling.

He met a weird guy.

Urey murmured to himself; meanwhile, he thought he should take shower to keep a clear head.

But when he sat up, he saw a black card lying quietly on the cabinet of the windowsill. His subconscious guided him to walk toward this card and pick it up.

Only when he touched this card, some obscure scenes flashed through his brain… He remembered some things that happened before.

He suddenly stood up and walked quickly to the window. Then he pushed the window open, throwing out the black card.

He didn’t know why he did that, but there was an instinctive impulsion that made him feel that it was reasonable.

After taking a shower and having a brunch in the dining hall, Urey looked around but he didn’t know where to go. This bewildered feeling had occurred when he came to the city for the first time.

There was excitement at that time, but now what only left for him was suffering.

“Should I leave here…” Urey murmured to himself again.

But he immediately got the answer, No!

With a deep breath, Urey walked into the hotel. He sat in the hall and stared at the clock on the wall, falling into contemplation.

When the minute hand moved half a circle, Urey made up his mind. He asked for using the hotel telephone, dialing.

Urey tried to calm and encourage himself. The front desk staffs were bending over for their work and didn’t notice him. Urey turned around and looked at the entrance of the hotel at random—the phone call went through.

“It’s me…You didn’t except me to get out eh… Not very well, Mr. Efim. I’m in a terrible situation now… ho ho, just because of this, I need my reward from you… Why? Yes, just like you said, a guy like me would probably not make waves… But do you really think I dare to call you without any evidence?”

There was a silence at the other side of the phone. Urey had a slight hint of cold smile on face, “Not too much, I just want a considerable reward. At eight this evening, Luca Bian Metro Station… Ask Anna to come to talk with me.”

Then, Urey decisively ended the call.

This was the 27th playing card. All of those cards were from Vera’s fingers, which flew about 3 meters away and stuck in a wooden beam orderly.

(Don’t misunderstand. Those were actually metal pokers, instead of paper cards.)

“This is the information of that guy.” Vicar came out of the room with the printed documents on his hand.

While shooting the 28th cards, Vera lightly said, “Tell me the situation.”

“The guy’s name is Yakov, the owner of the art gallery. He has been working there for thirteen years and came from Belarus twenty years ago. Well… married, has a son and a daughter.” Vicar said simply, “In addition, he has registered online casino accounts at three different websites…And, this guy’s bets are very huge, but mostly loses. Seems the art gallery owner has a very good income.”

Vera kicked to turn the swivel chair to Vicar, meanwhile the 29th metal playing card flew over Vicar’s head, which made this thin man started sweating cold sweat. “Something is wrong with this guy.”

“You mean this guy stole the painting?” Vicar walked to Vera carefully with the folder protecting his head, sitting down with relief when he knew Vera wouldn’t play cards.

Vera kept the chair turning and said, “Mostly loses? Then his financial condition must be very terrible, but since he’s still betting, the guy probably has a good family background—Obviously, his salary as an art gallery owner cannot afford that.”

“He has extra income…” Vicar quickly said, “Using his authority to steal these famous paintings from the art gallery to get money!”

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