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s a son and a daughter.” Vicar said simply, “In addition, he has registered online casino accounts at three different websites…And, this guy’s bets are very huge, but mostly loses. Seems the art gallery owner has a very good income.”

Vera kicked to turn the swivel chair to Vicar, meanwhile the 29th metal playing card flew over Vicar’s head, which made this thin man started sweating cold sweat. “Something is wrong with this guy.”

“You mean this guy stole the painting?” Vicar walked to Vera carefully with the folder protecting his head, sitting down with relief when he knew Vera wouldn’t play cards.

Vera kept the chair turning and said, “Mostly loses? Then his financial condition must be very terrible, but since he’s still betting, the guy probably has a good family background—Obviously, his salary as an art gallery owner cannot afford that.”

“He has extra income…” Vicar quickly said, “Using his authority to steal these famous paintings from the art gallery to get money!”

Vicar patted his head suddenly, and pointed at Vera, “To not be exposed, he shifted the misfortune onto you!”

Vera rolled her eyes, patting Vicar’s arm and correcting, “Onto F&C! Not me!”

“OK …” Vicar said, “So what are you going to do?”

Vera hesitated for a while, “I’m just curious, how does he have the painting disappear?”

Vicar was wordless…

Wasn’t it the most serious issue to clarify this thing?

Vera suddenly stood up and put on a coat.

Vicar quickly said with frowning, “Recently the boss organizing illegal boxing matches was caught, lots of inside stories were disclosed, and many people were involved. Now, that world famous painting is stolen, I think the police must be very vigilant. So don’t be reckless.”

“Since the painting is stolen by F&C, it must be in F&C’s hands, right?” Vera gave an evil smile and said, “Let me go to his home to check. Help me at any time.”

Vera seemed to turn a deaf ear to the warning of Vicar.

“What about the holiday in Moscow?” Vicar grumbled.

“Bang!” the door was closed.


On the platform, a strong wind followed by the coming Metro—when the Metro stopped, the crowds overflowed this platform.

Anna was an attractive and traditional Russian woman. She only carried a long-belt mini bag. Until almost all the passengers got off, she stood up and walked toward the door.

She walked with a charming smile of a model. With traditional and modern beauty, she attracted lots of men’s eyes.

She seemed to look for someone in the crowd.

“Stop! And don’t turn around!” A voice appeared behind her suddenly.

Then the voice went on, “Now, move to the track side slowly. But remember, do not turn around!”

She could even feel something was poking her back gently.

Thought Anna couldn’t see the person, she still showed a smile, turning slightly and said softly, “Urey, calm down… I’m happy you told Mr. Efim to let me talk to you. And I’m so glad to see yo

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