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Chapter 222: ‘Curse’ Reappears


Since they found Lui Hai, You Ye asked, “Master, do we need to inform Ms. Ren?”

Luo Qiu shut the cabinet door.

He said, “If Lui Chaosheng wants to take actions against Lui Hai, he won’t leave him here and purposely gave him have him intravenous infusion.”

You Ye nodded, she agreed with him.

Luo Qiu walked around the office, watching all the places that had been cleaned by Lui Chaosheng.

The cover of the old computer had already turned yellow but it contained no dust. Even the keyboard appeared to be cleaned often.

The letters on the keyboard had already become unclear but no dust was seen in the gaps.

And the same was with every other object— After stepping in, Luo Qiu sensed that Lui Chaosheng treated his work with a very serious attitude.

He came to sit on Lui Chaosheng’s chair, leaning on the back and looking at the door.

He loved to observe others from their perspectives in order to comprehend the role. He looked at You Ye, smiling, “He is a thoughtful and careful man. As to the reason why he hid Lui Hai, let’s continue to observe.”

You Ye smiled faintly.

She only wanted her master to be happy.

The servant girl walked into the office, then stopped in front of another steel cabinet. Lui Chaosheng probably used this cabinet to store information and casebooks.

Even ordinary people could easily unlock the locks, what was more when it was the servant girl from the club.

Opening the bottom drawer that was locked, each separated craft bags was seen with documents laying tidily. You Ye stroke over them with her finger in a dancing gesture but stopped suddenly.

She drew out one of them, opening it.

Soon after, the servant girl showed a smile. She looked at Luo Qiu, saying softly, “Master, there’s something interesting here.”

“Lui Hai? No, I didn’t see him, I didn’t see him. Get out of here!”

Another one said he didn’t see him.

Along the way, Ren Ziling sensed that Lui Hai was not welcome in this village—If she didn’t know about the incident happened 45 years ago, Ren Ziling might think that Lui Hai’s family did something that enraged the heaven and people.

But now, she couldn’t help sensing the weird vibe in this village.

She shook her head, sighed, and then walked to Lui Yiyun’s side.

The girl hung up the phone, shaking her head and saying with a disappointed look, “My mum said that my dad didn’t go back.”

Ren Ziling frowned, “No villagers mentioned seeing a big living person like your dad… Maybe he didn’t come here. Let’s wait for Luo Qiu’s news. Don’t worry, your father is such a grown man, he won’t do something silly.”

The girl nodded. Her weak appearance made people feel painful to look at.

Ren Ziling recalled Lui Yiyun’s request, hesitating for a while. She still wanted to talk about it after finding Lui Hai.

Lui Yiyun took a deep breath, “Sister Ren, let’s have a look there. We haven’t gone there yet.”

“OK.” Ren Ziling nodded.

Lizi asked, “Something happened there? Why is everyone running towards that way?”

This was no longer the main street of the village but the back alley of the neighborhood.

“Is it about my dad?” Lui Yiyun revealed a worried expression, walking quickly towards there.

Ren Ziling and Lizi followed, they squeezed themselves into the crowd. This was the gate of someone’s house—When they saw this scene, they immediately understood why people gathered here.


The girl Lui Yiyun screamed straightaway.

Even Subeditor Ren who had witnessed different situations had a thrilling feeling—A man around 50-60 years old who should be the member of this family now fell down in front of the gate.

The gate was open and the man was lying on the threshold…It seemed like he tried to climb out of the house.

Both of his hands and feet were fully covered with grey branches like the roo

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