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Chapter 254: Too Young, At That Time


“Are you ready? If you are ready, let me send you to the station first.”

Watching Nikita and Anton walk out of the washroom, Oleg went towards them and gave Nikita some money, “Tell me when you settled down and I’ll go to visit you during my leisure time.”

“Got it! And take care man.” Nikita was very direct. He knew he was a burden staying with Oleg, so he’d better leave to make Oleg free from worry.

“Then go quickly, don’t waste time.” Oleg nodded, throwing a glance at Anton with apology, “Sorry, Nikita got you into trouble this time, but his nature is not bad, just a little greedy.”

“Hey! Dude! Are you praising me?”

Oleg smiled, but he didn’t talk more; instead, he gave Nikita a hug.

At this time, Anton said, “I won’t go.”

The two frowned in the meantime, looking at this 20-year-old boy. Oleg looked into his eyes, which was clear enough to be seen through and read his thoughts.

He was puzzled again, “Won’t you go? You mean you want to go back to fight with Andrew?”

Anton inhaled deeply, whispering, “I won’t be a coward! I don’t want to be bullied! They are bad guys, why are we afraid of them! We should resist! So they dare not bully us!”

Oleg lips moved slightly, but didn’t avoid this pair of clear and very familiar eyes. He said indifferently, “You can think of these things when you become a grown-up.”

“I’ve been an adult already!”

Oleg shook his head., “No, you’re still a kid.”

At the moment Anton was about to dispute, the logistics company’s door was abruptly burst opened— when the door hit the wall fiercely, a guy was seen standing at the door frame.

It was Andrew’s assistant, whom they had seen in Andrew’s study.

“Oh! Everybody, unexpectedly we meet each other again, time goes fast!”

“Boss! We’ve caught back Nikita already.”

Andrew could not help giving a start, as being silent in his office with a fierce look— it was the room next to his original study.

“Oh? So fast?”

“Yes, boss.” The assistant said with smile, “It might be because our henchmen spread the information to seek for clues. We never thought it’d be useful, but unexpectedly, someone delivered a message very soon. Then we took many brothers there, a lot of them got injured in the fight, but eventually we caught him.”

There was still a bruise could be seen on his assistant’s face and his lips were a little bit pale. “Fortunately, Nikita is really just a burden to them. Because of him, Oleg and Anton have to give up resisting.”

The assistant then walked to Andrew and whispered, “We fired a few shots… that’s all because those two guys are so strong.”

Andrew nodded, “That’s just a small case, you can get it through paying for those heelers. Catching these two guys are the most important thing… Keep a close eye on Oleg and Anton, especially Anton, this guy was born with superhuman strength!”


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