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Chapter 111: Let’s Go, to the Steppes


Upon waking up, Zhang Qingrui found she almost lay on the ground.

The ‘almost’ came from the pure sheep blankets beneath her figure.

An umbrella-like dome above her view was braced by a large amount of wood with white canvas hanging from it… It was undoubtedly a Mongolian yurt.

“You woke up? Take some food to eat.”

Searching along with the direction of the voice, Zhang Qingrui witnessed a big naan bread in Professor Qin Fang’s hand being tore apart little by little and stuff into his mouth. Nevertheless, his gaze stayed on an unfolded map aboveground.

There was a smaller box in the Mongolian yurt as well. The pair of human bones were placed in it.

Zhang Qingrui stood up under the state of hunger, taking a piece of bread near the professor, and a bowl of milk tea that was a little bit salty. It was called ‘Suutei Tsai’ by the local people.

She went to hide in a corner, eating the food quietly, feeling scared and disturbed— This was the third time she woke up.

She had fainted due to the electric shock from Professor Qin Fang the last two times, and those resulted in her abandoning thoughts of revolting.

She pulled down a small piece of bread, eying the box unwittingly… Soul, bones, and being possessed by a spirit? Her terrible memory was striking the immanent concept built by the education she received these years.

‘Am… I the hinge to walk into the cemetery?’

From these times of coma, Zhang Qingrui realized another person was alive in her memory. Some fragments and distant segments of recollection emerged on and on.

They were fragmental without a main line and seemed to be trying to tell her a whole story— yet they were not complete.

The her in the dream, who always gave a feeling of tears dropping, had some sort of grief in her heart which did not belong to her. It was always affecting her heart after waking her up.

Logically speaking, she was caught forcibly by Qin Fang and couldn’t even communicate with outsiders. Furthermore, the professor’s method imprisoning her couldn’t be regarded as a gentle method.

Therefore, she should be more afraid and frightened.

Nevertheless, probably due to being close to somewhere, a sense of joy arose in her heart.

“Professor… Why do you insist on going back into the ancient tomb?”

Because of a senior’s dignity, Zhang Qingrui respected Professor Qin Fang; however, regarding his another identity of a tutor, she wouldn’t be so afraid to not dare to communicate with him.

Yet Qin Fang was not like those customers she always dealt with in the antique shop. In contrast, he could be sensed to take actions by holding some sensible intolerance, so that he was absolutely more dangerous.

“I have to get something back from there.” Qin Fang was still viewing the map on the ground.

“Is it a valuable… cultural relic?”

It was easy for Zhang Qingrui

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