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Chapter 88: Self-Discipline of the Good Servant Girl


Yang Taizi was regulating his breath.

Several hours later, when Yang Taizi finished regulating his breathing, Ghost King Tongtian, who went into the waste mountains nearby in these two days came back.

He could smell the odor of putrefaction emitting from Ghost King Tongtian which was getting stronger and stronger.

“Are you injured?” Ghost King Tongtian knitted his brows while watching the slight pale face of Yang Taizi.

Nevertheless, without saying anything else, Yang Taizi barely whispered, “Ghost King, our partnership has come to its end this time. I’ve no idea whom your disciple came in touch with. But I have to seriously tell you, the opponent is too powerful to be provoked, even if we joined hands.”

While Ghost King was astonished. “You guys have fought before? Is that guy the one who hurt you?”

Yang Taizi told the truth. “Previously, the opponent merely destroyed my guided crane but this time… it warned me directly. So, we are done here. I won’t continue it any longer.”

Ghost King Tongtian went into a frenzy. “You f*cking cow nose Taoist! How dare you threaten me that day?! Now, you became cowardly because the opponent fiercer?”

Yang Taizi snorted. “The deal between us is consensual. However, you broke it and crossed the border to arrive here. I didn’t want you to act wildly against the law, so I intended to help you… Well, I have my own reasons for helping you as well. All I want to tell you is that your rival is stronger than you. Plus your disciple suffered from his own actions, so you should know your place.”

“Whatever,” Ghost King Tongtian said in rage. “I must get revenge! If you’re afraid, then retreat back to the temple. I don’t need your assistance!”

While Yang Taizi snorted. “You really are ungrateful. Do you think I don’t know that you’re refining vicious zombie arts using your disciple’s dead body? Well, it’ll be fine if you take it back to your land after refining but it seems you don’t plan to do so.”

“Useless Taoist! Are you going to stop me?”

“I just hope for you to turn back as soon as possible, giving up that over-confident thought.”

“You think I’m scared of you?” A weird green light exuded from Ghost King Tongtian, projecting lines of characters tattooed on his face. It was really like a demon.

Yang Taizi deeply breathed, with legs apart slightly, taking a Big Dipper posture while holding the yellow sigil paper. His Taoist tunic billowed without wind and purple air appeared between both his eyebrows.

The air was thick with the smell of gunpowder; nevertheless, the surroundings suddenly turned cold. Just then, a black flame appeared and spread out rapidly. Finally it became a circle of black fire.

A sense of dismay suddenly came up to Yang Taizi and Ghost King Tongtian. Both couldn’t attend to each other, rather, they bolted towards the outside of the

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