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Chapter 104: Thriving to The Peak


You Ye was already dressed in her usual maid costume again by the time she went back to the club at night.

It was probably because the owner of the club did not show special affection towards the altered nun gown, hence Ms. Maid took it off after she felt the freshness had subsided.

Luo Qiu went to the corner where the gramophone was located, selecting vinyl records in the cabinet. He then suddenly started speaking about what happened during the day.

After hearing it, Ms. Maid smiled subtly. “What is master feeling then?”

Luo Qiu recalled the scene before and said carefully, “It might be slightly wary towards me.”

You Ye nodded and whispered, “It is not clear how the soul in the bones came into existence but it must be very weak.”

As Ms. Maid was able to banish his worries, Luo Qiu put down the vinyl record and walked over to the counter before sitting down.

You Ye poured out a glass of water and pushed it to Luo Qiu, then continued, “If we assume master was a light source, then these weak souls would be a shadow. It is the same theory as the light that radiates from the astral lamp above the operating table. Would the shadow still be able to hide there?”

“So is it scared of me?” Luo Qiu gave a start.

You Ye whispered, “To say it in a more scientific manner, master you are just like a man with a powerful magnetic field. How dare these tiny electric waves get close to you?”

Thinking it was something that couldn’t be mentioned or some secret … Unexpectedly it ended up with such a simple answer.

Luo Qiu was stupefied for a few seconds, playing around with the clean water in the glass.

“But, if the soul chose to enter into Miss Zhang’s body at the same time, it seems that Miss Zhang herself should be the sort of person who is particularly vulnerable to ghosts and specters.”

Luo Qiu thought about it for a while and said, “Is it something like a psychic or a person possessing the Yin and Yang eye?”

“That’s the concept in the eastern world.” You Ye nodded. “Or maybe they are more sensitive to souls compared to the average persons.”

“Will Zhang Qingrui be affected?” Luo Qiu asked.

“If it cannot last long, it must be rather feeble,” You Ye said in an intellectual voice. “After all, it will take immense power to affect a person’s movements. Nevertheless, if it cannot communicate normally with Master, perhaps it is the soul that will vanish at any time. Thus I hold the view that it will be whittled away in a brief period by Miss Zhang’s strong … Yang Qi. Yeah, in the East it is called be Yang Qi.”

Luo Qiu was silent … Knowing that it was weak but still affixing itself to Zhang Qingrui resolutely.

It wanted to express something.

An important thing.

Downstairs, the thing that was hidden behind the steel door.

Boss Luo was sipping clear water while meditating when a gust of black wind ru

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