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Chapter 136: We Will Take Away Your… Soul


Was it Nanako?

Zhuge hesitated… He asked but didn’t get a response. It seemed that the face with sunglasses was similar to Nanako, but the figure was a little bit taller.

However, the person said nothing. Only going straight to the side of the taxi, opening the door, getting in and waving to him.

It should be the girl who bailed him out?

Eventually, Zhuge got on the taxi with some doubt. Then, he said nothing all the way and the girl merely gazed outside of the window. Zhuge wanted to say something but could only look down and feel puzzled.

“I. do I know you? Thank you for bailing me out, but… I want to get off, to find someone.” Zhuge summoned up his courage.

But suddenly, the taxi stopped, the place was… the park.

Zhuge was distracted, the girl had already got off, walking to the park alone. Zhuge scratched his head, wanting to ask clearly. With his question, he followed her subconsciously.

The girl walked into the park with her back towards him. As she walked along, the people around them became less and less. Zhuge looked around, suddenly it occurred to him that he had been walking in this park with Nanako.

All of a sudden, that girl turned about and took off her sunglasses.

“Nanako…” In an instant, the girl who took off the sunglasses nearly overlapped with the Nanako in his memory.

But he soon shook his head, even though overlapping, there were still a few dissimilarities between the two.

It could be said that the similarity between the two of them could come to around 60 percent? Zhuge thought of it subconsciously.

At this moment that girl seemed to be annoyed. She suddenly pinched her hair, “Gosh, my hair was cut, looks like it is a little bit worse.”

But this was Nanako’s voice!

“This… This is…”

The girl went to Zhuge and suddenly stretched out her hands to catch Zhuge’s jaw, pinching it emphatically, “As soon as I woke up, I ran from the hospital to see you. Why aren’t you happy?” The girl opened her eyes wide. “Or were those words you said on television all lies?”

“Ah?” Zhuge really didn’t know what this girl was saying.

“Wake up?”

The girl nodded and walked on Zhuge’s side, “…Hum, I suddenly fainted that day, then went to a dark and unlit place, I even forgot who I am. Until one day, you appeared in front of me.”

“Well…” Zhuge opened his mouth. It was unbelievable. But it seemed that nothing was impossible since Nanako could appear in front of himself.

“That man said… Hum, he said to be that my soul had an out-of-body experience. It entered the game’s data carelessly and had been trapped there.” The girl was thought for a while and said, “If I knew it earlier, I wouldn’t have touched anything. Perhaps because of that, I got an electric shock.”

Electric shock, out-of –body experience, entered into the game’s app, had been trapped for a long time

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