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“It is the time for you to lose weight!!”


“Zhuge… This time, aren’t you going to hold my hands?” The girl snorted, “I purposely asked the driver to come here.”

Zhuge plucked up his courage, breathing deeply, and walked up to the girl. He grabbed her hands. Her hands were not cold but warm, soft, as if without bones.

The two people wandered around in the park casually, finishing the unfinished date of last time.

“By the way… Nanako, what is your original name?”

“Zhou Yuanshan.” The girl said softly, “But generally it’s not called this … Usually ‘Meng Xiaoyu’.”

All of a sudden, Zhuge stopped… Meng Xiaoyu, he recalled who she was.

The prototype of Nanako he had mould was using this girl as a reference… It was one of the original voice actresses of the game which was initially planned for publicity.

“So… My guest, could you please tell me what do you want this time?”

‘What do I want?’

Zhuge sat nervously, as if on pins and needles. He suspected he had been possessed by ghosts, or else he couldn’t come here for the fourth time.

“I wonder if Nanako came here to make a deal?” Zhuge gathered up his courage eventually.

“One day.”

Holding back his tears, Zhuge got a definite answer at the price of one day being reduced from his lifespan.

“So… What did Nanako use for the trade? I have asked her, she said it is a secret and would not tell me.”

“It is more expensive to inquire about other guests’ transactions, but considering the relationship between the two… One year.”

Zhuge looked at his lost year with tears, feeling that he wouldn’t be comfortable and happy if he didn’t get the answer.

“Miss Zhou Yuanshan’s consciousness was accidentally separated. Of course, if she has been in this state for a long time, even though her body was kept alive by instruments, she wouldn’t wake up. Of course, it cost her a mere year of lifespan to have her consciousness return to her body. So… What else did you need? ”

“No, nothing!”

Zhuge stood up immediately, even throwing away the black card on the table, looking at the boss of the club and said, “I don’t need this.”

He breathed deeply, said uprightly, “I think I won’t need it from now on.”

Luo Qiu grabbed the card, and spun it on his palm, “I am afraid that’s not possible. This is one of the proofs of your transaction. Besides those completed trades, when your life is over, we will…”

Boss Luo came to Zhuge, putting the card back into his pocket, patting him on the shoulder and whispering in his ear, “Take away your… soul.”

When Zhuge came to his sense, he found himself standing outside the rented room.

Zhuge burst into laughing, “The soul… such a thing. Now I have something more important than that.”

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door of the rented room.

“Welcome back! Zhuge, do you want dinner or a shower? Or, me…”

That stuff was not important at all.

As long as I could go on living with her… That was enough.

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