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Chapter 89: The Accident


After fleeing, he hid himself on the rooftop of some building nearby, trembling for no reason as recalled the recent tragedy at the workshop.

It seemed like it occurred before his eyes.

The pool of blood and scared looks emerging, along with the screams…

Mo Xiaofei hand covered his forehead, trying to calm his uneasy mood down and persuade himself. “That’s your fault… all your fault… Why did you resist… all because you didn’t change… That’s all your fault…”

After a certain while, Mo Xiaofei felt his head was not as painful as before. Then, he stood up and breathed in deeply, gliding down among the buildings again and into the night.

He headed back to that alley.

The owner had already called the police and the ambulance. Medical staff carried stretchers and sent the man into the ambulance while some onlookers gathered at the scene.

“Honestly, officer, I really don’t know what happened at all! When I came up to him, this guy was already lying on the ground, and covered in blood! I’m the victim and many people witnessed it. You can go ask those street vendors!”

Currently, Mo Xiaofei was one of the onlookers.

They were talking like this.

“How terrible. Such a huge piece of glass, stuck into his body and blood was all over the ground!”

“A wicked person will undergo more affliction…”

Mo Xiaofei didn’t continue to look. ‘A wicked person will undergo more affliction… No, it’s merely your fault.’

Mo Xiaofei was in a terrible mood this evening. After bringing those guys he had caught before to the abandoned factory, he didn’t pay any more attention to them. Instead, he merely rushed home.

‘Yes, it’s all your fault.’

As usual, Mo Xiaofei changed and hid the equipment, before flying to the window along the wall.

It was not high, merely the third floor… However, the window had been opened which made Mo Xiaofei gape. He remembered he had closed the window before he left home.

Mo Xiaofei scowled, crossing over the window frame and parting the curtain from the bottom, before landing on the ground. The next second, just as he intended to turn on the table lamp, the incandescent lamp was lighted. Mo Xiaofei gave a start. It turned out his father Mo Hongqi was already in his room.

He turned on the lamp… And merely saw him ‘climb’ in from the window. Because of the curtain, he might not have seen the appearance of him ‘flying’.

Even so, this situation gave Mo Xiaofei a different sense of anxiety… He didn’t know how to explain this issue to his father.

He involuntarily concealed his backpack of tools behind him, “Dad, I…”

“Are you hungry? It’s really late,” Mo Hongqi said. “I’ve cooked some food, let’s eat together.”

Mo Xiaofei nodded without thinking.

The light was still on in his father’s work room, perhaps due to rushing his clients’ woodcarving products. The father and son sat at the t

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