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Chapter 121: Cutting Meat


The professor survived at last. All the other members of his group were confident and planned to excavate treasures from the tomb palace. However unexpectedly, he became the only surviving person.

He lived like a zombie.

He hadn’t had a good sleep within these 20 years. The life, lived on the blood and meat of his close friend who went through fire and water with him, was saddled with heavy shackles from the very beginning.

He couldn’t eat any kind of meat those years. He even forced himself to swallow but as soon as it entered into his mouth, his instinct defeated his will, refusing any meat.

As long as he tasted the meat, he couldn’t help remembering that night 20 years ago.

Gao Rui was by his side.

He cut down his body… due to the starvation.

When a human falls into the depths of despair, they will only be ordered about by their instinct.

“I… can never forget it.”

Professor Qin Fang lost his soul, looking as if he had aged 10 more years again.

He gazed at the trembling hands, “I held Gao Rui’s blood and drank it. I was too hungry, I had no idea, I told myself this… while looking at Gao Rui’s eyes, I knew he didn’t die… He stared at me… unable to speak. But I knew, he must be asking me, swearing, cursing, and hating me… whereas, I was still drinking and biting… I abandoned everything belonging to me and became a wild beast that even myself loathed!”

“I became a wild animal! Without humanity! An animal that even ate my own brother’s blood and meat!!”

Due to the strong emotions, Professor Qin Fang started to cough blood. With those abnormally strong emotions and sad self-accusations, he fell down.

Moods of the only several audiences were different, who heard the professor’s secrets that were hidden in his heart for 20 years.

Zhang Qingrui now showed a natural face, it seemed the professor’s confession had no influence on her.

“He’s also a pitiful guy.”

Cai Wenji’s faint voice broke the silence.

You Ye then walked to the professor and check, raising her head, “He probably became over agitated and fainted. Do I have to wake him up?”

Luo Qiu shook his head, “No, let him wake up naturally. He spent everything he had to speak out these words he hid for 20 years.”

“What Mr. Qin needs, is not our tolerance,” Cai Wenji said faintly.

Luo Qiu asked curiously, “I’m curious as to why you know the matter that happened to the professor that year? You said you were trapped in the stone coffin.”

Cai Wenji said, “Though concubine couldn’t leave the rock coffin, the tomb concubine was buried in was part of that array. With the help of the array that absorbed energy from 4 directions, concubine was able to sense part area surrounded.”

“Really…” Luo Qiu nodded, standing up and saying, “You should know how to get back to your tomb from here right? After you find it, I’ll send you to your husband’s

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