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Chapter 217: Legend 2nd


40 years ago, a bloodcurdling accident took place in Lui Village but it was not about a thunderbolt cleaving the cliff. To the villagers, it might be just a beginning.

Since then, a weird disease started to spread among the closed fishing village, beginning with a solitary senior, then a strong man, and then, kids,

“Weird disease? What was it?” Momo frowned.

Decades passed, but the aunt still revealed a frightened look whenever she recalled that incident. She trembled, “That wasn’t a weird disease! That was the demon‘s curse! It was a curse! I saw one on my sister! Horrible! They… they were not human! They were monsters!”

“Quiet!” Momo yelled in a low voice, a golden light flashed across his fingertips. Again, he pointed his finger at the aunt’s forehead.

That aunt calmed down but her face still showed a sign of panic. She opened her eyes wide, “From both hands to both feet! Something thickly dotted and stiff like deer horns grew there! Finally, their arms and legs turned into things like coral!”

She turned around, her finger was quivering while pointing at a corner of this room, “I saw it that day when I came in! Hidden over there! She hid behind the door, and curled up… she looked at me with fear. And I almost fell down… I ran away.”

Momo remained silent. That aunt paused continued talking after pausing for a while, “It was the punishment from the sea lord! Old Female Immortal Huang said that was due to our disrespect towards the sea lord that caused such a punishment!”

“Who is Old Female Immortal Huang?” Momo asked suddenly.

She said, “She’s an immortal, good at divination and can summon dead men to the world! If some one-month-year-old kid is frightened, she’ll be invited to get rid of their fear.”

Momo sneered, ‘Immortal? Humph, she must be a cheater. Decades ago, those who purposely made a mystery out of simple things were not practicing the true teachings from each sect of Taoism.’

Some were basic knowledge learnt from somewhere else; others were simply deceptions.

“And what happened next?”

The aunt took a glimpse at Momo with a face full of hesitation but she dared not to withhold anything ahead of his serious look. She whispered, “Old Female Immortal Huang said, there’s only one method to quiet down sea lord’s indignation, that is to return to the sea lord the wife whom it fancies. Otherwise, the whole Lui Village will be cursed and everyone will turn into corals in the end!”

“What’s the matter about the sea lord’s wife?” Momo asked, confused.

The aunt said, “Lui Village has never practiced intermarriage with outlanders… but several years before that accident happened, a fisherman married an outlander who had a mysterious background. We heard that she was saved by the fisherman at the seaside.”

The aunt stopped before continuing, “Immortal Huang said that that woman was supposed to marry into t

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