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Chapter 233: Mutual Trust


The sudden news made the villagers fall into disorder.

No matter what they did and how villainous they were, their original intention was to protect themselves and their relatives from the curse.

But all the patients got infected with the disease?

“The sea lord is angry!!” A Bao screamed, “The sea lord is angry!!” You stopped us from worshiping the sea lord! It got angry! All the villagers will die! You made us die!”

Along with A Bao’s screech, those squatting the villagers’ looks changed.

Some brave ones even stood up slowly.

Officer Ma glared, yelling, “What are you doing? Squat down!”

“My wife and son got infected! But you ask me to squat… You killed my family! I’m gonna kill you, son of a b*tch!”

A villager rushed out.

Ma Houde took a gunshot at the road, which resounded around the mountain. That villager stopped suddenly, his face turned pale and his lips trembled.

Two policemen came to catch him at the same time.

Officer Ma said in a low voice, “I know you’re nervous and I understand you! But I won’t let you go back! None of you are allowed to leave this place! I don’t believe in curses! Since all of them got infected, then that disease is probably contagious! Anyone that has contact with them might be infected! Then no one can save your families!”

Those villagers’ agitation calmed down. Ma Houde then heaved a sigh of relief, his voice turned mild, “Trust me! We came here to solve problems rather than fight with you! But if you are still making trouble out of nothing, especially if someone instigates something on purpose, then we’ll regard them as assaulting the police!”

While talking, Ma Houde stared at A Bao. The most respectful senior quivered, lowering his head.

“A little bit later, you guys go to the seaside where my helicopter is landed. Then someone will take you away.”

After calming down the villagers’ emotion, Ma Houde pulled Ren Ziling and Luo Qiu to one side, telling them, “Then someone will send you to the hospital for a checkup.”

“You want me to leave?” Ren Ziling asked with discontent.

Ma Houde urged, “I’m afraid you’ll get infected. It’s a pretty weird disease! Don’t be willful, sister!”

Luo Qiu asked suddenly, “Officer Ma, how about you?”

Ma Houde looked at Luo Qiu with pleasure, feeling his concern for himself, not like some sister… He smiled, “I’m OK. I talked to Secretary Wu. He ordered a boat from the county. Besides that, I’m a public servant. So I can’t leave the public alone in danger. But you’re different, you should leave for your safety. If not, you’ll distract me.”

While Luo Qiu shook his head, “Uncle Ma, maybe we cannot leave right now.”

Ma Houde gaped, asking, “Brat, when did you become so unreasonable like your mother?”

“Ma Houde! What did you say? Are you courting death?”

Luo Qiu glanced at Ren Ziling with the gaze that Ren Ziling

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