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Chapter 265: Freedom and Clown


It was about the sunrise. Victor was hugging his wife, enjoying his sweet dream in a holiday hotel in the suburbs. It was then when he was awoken by a call.

A call from the police station.

He was on vacation when he received the call, so he had to end his vacation early. Now, he was rushing to the Tretyakov Gallery at the center of the city.

“Coffee or milk?”

When Victor’s assistant got off the car, he trotted over with two cups of drink. However, Victor signalled to decline his offer and went straight across the crowd to the cordon.

The young sheriff, Yelgo, shrugged as usual and casually opened a bottle of milk and drank it up. After a quick burp, he took another sip of coffee and followed him.

‘It isn’t wise to waste food, so I’d better drink it myself.’

Victor, who was busy working ahead, shouted loudly as he clapped his hands, “I want to see the head of the gallery and the security guards within half an hour. Meanwhile, get the police to investigate the alibi of people who were bailed out last night and whoever who has just served their jail term. And don’t let any journalists sneak in! Hurry up!”

After that, Victor snapped his finger several times towards Yelgo who was behind.

Yelgo hasten his steps, and came to Victor. When he was about to say something, Victor had already taken hold of his cup of coffee. As he took a sip, he headed towards the gallery—the crime spot.

Yelgo wanted to say something, but he has now changed his mind…

Quickly following the steps of Victor, Yelgo said in a hurry, “The theft was discovered at five o’clock in the morning during the security patrol. The overtime shift was at three o’clock in the morning. I have done the initial investigation. No suspicious sounds or traces were found. Nothing was out of the ordinary.”

“Between three and five o’clock?” Victor nodded, “Nothing special…It’s impossible to avoid the gallery’s surveillance camera. Did you find any leads on the scene?”

“No, not even a shoe print.” Yelgo frowned, “I’ve examined the place thoroughly. The windows were locked from the inside and there were no evident traces of people walking around. It’s almost as if the painting had vanished into thin air. ”

“Vanished into thin air?” Victor stopped and snorted, “Do you think this is a magician’s performance?”

“I didn’t mean that. It is just very confusing.”

The two soon arrived at the place where the stolen “The Nameless Maiden” was placed. Victor, after putting on gloves and shoe covers, came close to the wall and examined it with his eyes narrowed.

Yelgo had examined this criminal spot for more than half an hour and still had no clues. He was only trying to find out exactly how the painting was stolen.

What’s more, it was only the painting inside the frame that was stolen…This frame, was still there untouched!

“Mr. Victor, do you think it is also F&C this time?” Yelgo commented lightly out of blue.

Victor was slightly shocked but he frowned with a nasty face.


Boss Luo was in a good mood after he woke up in the morning.

In order to carry out the tour of his visit to Moscow, Luo Qiu had visited a number of tourist spots in the morning. He was now sitting down in an open-air café recommended by You Ye. He was told that the dessert in this café was pretty good.

Boss Luo already knew that the servant girl did not need to eat, then the question was—how exactly did she know whether the dessert was tasty or not?

The answer was probably, based on the appearance …

To ease consumption, You Ye was cutting the cake carefully into smaller pieces with a small fork. As for Luo Qiu … Well, as the club’s boss, he was reading newspaper idly.

The maid, who was supposed to be very familiar with Moscow, did not give an immediate answer. She took the newspaper from Luo Qiu, and then whispered

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