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Chapter 42: Self-Discipline


After tributing the life obtained from the deal with the psychic teacher, Luo Qiu got a full 200 days worth of lifespan.

With how he suffered previously because due to his limited lifespan and along with the deductions for the club’s services, Luo Qiu now felt that his lifespan which was a year, was considered sky high compared with his measly 30 days at the beginning.

As the number of transactions and tributes increase, his lifespan would only grow larger and larger.

There actually weren’t a lot of skills that a black soul envoy needed to master.

Merely two skills. One was the method to produce the information cards, and the other was to entice potential customers to come to the club. Probably due to his past identity as a Taoist, Tai Yinzi mastered these abilities quickly.

Within two days, Tai Yinzi was eligible to start his work experience outside as a ‘trainee’, bringing in customers for the club.

“Master, it’s already the third day, but Jiang Chu doesn’t seem to plan to come.”

You Ye brought two sandwiches and a glass of orange juice to Luo Qiu as his breakfast. She then brought up this issue while they were chatting.

Luo Qiu picked up his sandwich leisurely but maintained his focus on the book he was reading. He said without a care, “He might believe that his son will recover… however, his son cannot hold on for too long.”

“I gave that woman a black card without discount last night.” You Ye said as she wiped the bar unconcernedly.

Luo Qiu gave a start, saying after a moment, “That’s fine. however, you should notify me before you do it next time.”

“You Ye understands.” The servant girl movements relaxed, a smile appearing on her face.

Luo Qiu focused on a sentence from a page of ‘Origins of Blue and White Porcelain’. Nevertheless, he did not miss all these little details. To explain it:

In You Ye’s perspective, there was no problem.

The club’s existed for transactions and tributes, therefore it was understandable that she would seek out qualified individuals. Furthermore, the former boss had been too passive concerning the business, this 300-year old senior worker seemed to be expecting a change after the new boss came into power.

The reason You Ye worked so hard might be to increase the opportunities for the owner to enter into more deals thus increasing his lifespan.

Of course You Ye might not have realized something—That, Luo Qiu didn’t fully trust this ‘senior worker’ from the very beginning.

It probably would need a long time.

Interpersonal communication was always like this.

On the contrary, the club was of unparalleled importance to the boss. It could also be said it had an irresistible allure. The boss could enjoy endless life with constant transactions. Furthermore, as the number of transactions increased, one would get many fantastic abilities.

Sounds very attractive, right? It also gives one motivation, right?

Who wouldn’t want to plunge into this world with infinite life and more power?

And then what?

Even if managed to complete countless transactions and possessed hundreds or thousands of years worth of lifespan, so what? All one would think about is to gain more, thus repeatedly try to complete more trades, only gaining a little gratification whenever achieving a successful transaction.

Was that any different from Zhong Luochen, who was stripped of the sense of happiness?

Or keep bringing tributes to the club, becoming a shell of a person like the former boss who could not stand the loneliness anymore?

Luo Qiu suddenly understood. The potential customers needed to fight their innermost desires and lust. As for him, the club boss, he shouldn’t be thinking of achieving endless life. Instead, he should focus on preserving his sense of self.

Granting you an unlimited lifespan along with fantastic abilities, but losi

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