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Chapter 186: Might Be Gay


After 2 to 3 days of monitoring, Jessica found out that the house was only occupied at night, and the two people staying in the house did not converse much. So, no useful information was gathered.

The monitor was set up in the shoe cabinet at the doorway. Thus, very limited conversation could be heard.

Since she got to know the daily schedule of this house in these few days’ time, Jessica sneaked in when nobody was at home in the afternoon.

The lock of this kind of common apartment was not a headache for her. The first thing she did after closing the door gently was to check the monitor. After making sure nothing was wrong with it, she started to set up more equipment in this apartment.

She began with the bedrooms.

The experienced policewoman masterly finished the layout in Subeditor Ren’s room and then went straight into Luo Qiu’s room after checking closely if there were any useful clues.

It was easy for her to perceive one’s personality from the layout of that person’s room.

Such as this woman’s room. Her clothes were left lying around, things on the table were more like a battlefield after the war. For a woman, there was nearly no cosmetics at all but only some care products— She was a very free-spirited woman who made a hash of things in life.

In addition to that, hidden the wardrobe was half a packet of women cigarettes and, on the windowsill, there were some traces of tobacco ash — this woman always smoked in her room and was afraid of being found out… So she probably had a rebellious mentality.

And the origin of it should be coming from the owner of the other room— the son of this family.

It was all within Jessica’s expectation. The son’s room, which upon its look would even make a terrible woman like Ren Ziling fearful … was unusually tidy. There was even a special fragrance replacing the peculiar smell in her imagination.

It was not the cologne for man, instead, it was more likely to be lady’s perfume.

He made the bed tidily, ashes were hard to find on the table, window, and even under the bed. Clothes and socks were folded up before storage.

No erotic magazines… no laptop encryption, no cookies of searching indecent websites, but most were discussion boards with few posting records. Most were documentaries and audio files stored in the hard disks. And no games were found.

A system-provided background picture was displayed on the desktop, which consisted of merely 3 icons—My computer, Recycle bin and My documents.

“Is this a boy’s room?”

At the moment, an illusion that the owner might be a gay came about to Jessica.

Jessica had a feeling of walking into a jail cell because of the silence. “No wonder the woman is so awe-stricken…”

She knew that the woman in the opposite room had a low-status in this family…Anyhow, it was very hard for Jessica to install equipment in this tidy room.

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