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Chapter 218: Taboo


Lui Hai was wildly drunk. Not long after, he fell down on the ground and seemed to fall asleep.

Ren Ziling touched his forehead and frowned, “He has a high fever, probably because he was out in the rain for overnight…Girl, where’s the village hospital?”

Lui Yiyun answered, “There’s only a clinic, not a hospital!”

“Whatever.” Ren Ziling arranged them, “Brat, wait here with You Ye, I’ll pick you up after sending him to the clinic!”

Luo Qiu said, “No, thanks. We can walk back, it’s not too far.”

Ren Ziling didn’t say more but nodded, “OK, we’ll talk later.”

Luo Qiu watched the car leaving.

There was no one on Hear-The-Sea Cliff at that time. It gave people quite a relaxed and happy feeling in the morning. Luo Qiu moved his fingers slightly, separately placing beer cans and trash nearby flew up in orders towards a garbage near the resting pavilion.

Luo Qiu walked to the stone tablet of Hear-The-Sea Cliff, reading the words carved on it before asking, “Is it really struck by thunder?”

You Ye looked around, then tidying her hair and saying calmly, “It might be because there is a wind gap here. Plus with the humid weather, the rock was probably loosened by the wind and rain with years.”

The servant girl pointed at the edge of the cliff, “Thunder is always followed by a rainstorm, maybe the thunder destroyed a loosened rock.”

Luo Qiu nodded. He agreed with her thought.

He walked to the edge, looking down— Right below the cliff were the sea waves, along with reefs scattering around. People would die if they fell down from here.

No wonder Lui Yiyun revealed a frightened look.

“Did he just say that his mother was thrown down here?” Luo Qiu was puzzled.

You Ye nodded, “Yeah, he did… And that doesn’t seem to be nonsensical talk after becoming drunk. From that kind of rage, he must have gone through something.”

Luo Qiu said, “I want to have a look at the village over there.”

The village clinic was established two decades ago by a young villager who returned to the city after studying medicine.

The medical facilities were old, some should be renewed. But with good maintenance, it was obvious that the doctor cherished them a lot.

From a youth until today’s silver hair, the doctor could set people’s mind at rest even though he was no longer young.

He looked at Lui Yiyun, smiling, “Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. He just needs a transfusion of fluids, then take some medicine with several days of rest. Your father is in good health, so he’ll get well soon. But don’t drink too much! You come and look after him, I have other patients to see.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Lui Yiyun expressed her gratitude.

Ren Ziling and Lizi felt relieved as well. At this moment, the girl’s face turned a lot better, Subeditor Ren regained her interest in gossiping.

She looked at the girl, squinting her eyes and

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