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asking, “What’s it about that your dad said that his mother was thrown down?”

Lui Yiyun gave a start.

She shook her head, “I have no idea. I thought it was just balderdashing from my dad after drinking.”

Ren ZIling thought before asking, “She’s your dad’s mum…which means she is your granny? Oh, it seems like I haven’t met your granny?”

Lui Yiyun said, “I haven’t met her either. I heard from my dad that my granny passed away during his childhood. I’ve asked him several times about this but he seldom brought that up. Neither my grandpa… my mum, on the other hand, talked about that before.”

She checked outside of the sick room, saying cautiously, “I heard… she was killed by the villagers.”

The girl gathered some courage herself, saying, “Sister Ren, actually I tried to find out what happened to my grandma but I didn’t hear anything from anyone. I’ve asked some classmates and they have also asked their relatives but they sealed their mouths too… I, I want to know that.”

Ren Ziling asked, “You want me to check that?”

The girl nodded seriously, “Yeah! You’re journalists, so you must have more ways compared to me… I, I have some savings, around 1000 Yuan…”

“No.” Ren Ziling shook her head.

The girl looked disappointed, “Is it still too little…”

Ren Ziling laughed, touching her head with her hands, “I’m not sure if I can get some clues. After all you didn’t get any throughout these years. But if I can, you can just treat me a seafood feast!”

“Ah, really?” The girl became delighted.

Ren ZIling nodded, “I’ll go take a walk outside for now and come back to see if your father is awake. If everything is OK, let me send you back home.”


Despite of its name ‘village’, this place was slowly developed into a town.

It was common to see two-storey and three-storey buildings here being occupied by owners. The small fishing village became a place full of seafood restaurants.

And so did motels increase. Luo Qiu saw one like a bar just now, which was not open yet.

This place was quite different from Lui Hai’s desolated resort. There were tourists out there in the street. Probably because it was the summer holiday, some youths had already planned ahead to enjoy their summer starting from here.

Boss Luo was strolling along the stalls.

“Bro, do you need a room? Our place is safe, one full package service! You must know that”

The middle-aged businessman with a mouth full of yellowish teeth called him while smiling.

Luo Qiu sized up the medium-scaled hotel behind of him.

“We have very good service here! A young man came here just now, he was very happy!”

Luo Qiu smiled, “Oh, does he? What kind of happiness?”

The businessman walked to him, couldn’t stop laughing. He had to whisper softly to Luo Qiu, “Don’t tell others, that young boy ordered a very old lady! And is enjoying now!”

The club boss gaped, thinking that everyone’s desire was different.

He shook hi

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