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Chapter 250: The Lying Mr. K


Rushing to the monitor room quickly, Andrew emitted the same aura as a beast.

Andrew had his strong points and extraordinary means, so that he could get to his present status by working hard in this big city.

Money is a good thing because it can buy over a lot of services from politicians. Because of this… Andrew could do many things beyond the limits.

His body perhaps exuded a bloody smell, which even the cologne could not hide it.

“Is he the guy?” Andrew gaze turned sharp like a falcon.

“Yes, boss, and now he has won his thirty-first. It’s weird that he spends the least amount of money each time, and never raise.” The manager’s face looked awkward, “But fortunately he’s not playing baccarat… Otherwise, we will probably lose to other gamblers and go broke, even if he makes the minimum bets every time.”

“Invite this gentleman to the VIP room,” Andrew calmly said.

It was always mentioned in movies, and it seems that this plot was more likely to be shown in novels— but it appears that there really was such a situation which could happen in daily life.

The VIP room was actually an area quieter than outside— there was only the casino owner and one of his followers sitting beside him.

On the opposite side, Luo Qiu and You Ye were sitting there.

“Sir, what’s your name, please?” Andrew asked quite politely.

He didn’t believe in luck, but hard work. So he didn’t believe that someone could get a winning streak because of luck.

For this, Andrew heaved a deep sigh. One needed extraordinary skills to reach this level; and also, to dare to make these acts in a casino, extraordinary courage was a must.

So, suddenly Andrew became very interested in this young Eastern man— no matter what his purpose was.

“Call me… K.”

Boss Luo said softly, feeling he should be more casual in this place that was far away from his hometown.

In fact, their conversation was very harmonious.

It might be a bit old-fashioned. However, if it was for their personal interest, it would not matter, right?

“Mr. K?” Andrew nodded.

Obviously, this guy didn’t intend to show his true identity.

His suspicion increased; at the same time, Andrew’s fake smile became more sincere, “Oh, Mr. K, your card skills really surprised for me! I think it is difficult to find someone like you… What can I do for you, Mr. K?”

“Why does Mr. Andrew think I want your help?”

Andrew laughed, “Mr. K must be kidding. Each time you make a lowest bet, you won a number of times, but actually you earn very little. Isn’t that a hint for me??”

Luo Qiu played with a chip taken from the gambling table, suddenly knocked twice on the table, “Has Andrew ever heard of the ‘Golder Game’?”

Andrew was stunned.

After that moment, his expression became unusually stiffened. But his look soon turned relaxed, smiling, “The biggest and safest game secretly in the world, I think many people would know it, wouldn’t they?”

Luo Qiu said, “It’s good that Mr. Andrew knows it.”

Saying that, Luo Qiu glanced at the man in suit behind Andrew.

Andrew said indifferently, “This is my assistant.”

Luo Qiu also took it lightly, “At present, I have a ticket to ‘Golder’, is Mr. Andrew interested in it?”

Even though Andrew was unusually calm now, his quivering look betrayed his heart— indeed, for him who knew what ‘Golder Game’ was, it was hard to maintain inner peace at the moment.

Golder ticket? That could not be acquired only by paying a small number of money!

Wealth, reputation, status … even power, any of these was indispensable.

But Andrew was a suspicious person. His assistant lit a cigar for him. After smoking a little slowly, he suddenly laughed, “Is Mr. K’s ticket fake?

“I was really unhappy about the last game.” Luo Qiu pretended not to hear anything and continued lying to him. “So I had to get rid of al

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