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Chapter 27: Leaving After Acting Cool Is Really Exhilarating!


“Demon! It’s you!!”

Su Houde was stupefied, his lips started trembling and his face turned ashen. The person formed from the green smoke was not Sanniang he yearned for, but instead, his old adversary. Now, he didn’t even know was it sorrow or rage he felt.

Yang Taizi revealed an astounded expression as well. He mumbled, “How can… the records circulated within my sect be fake? This isn’t the real Koan Sutra?”

“No! The Koan Sutra is real! But you don’t know the other side of the story!” The demonic old man laughed grimly. “Yu Sanniang! You made me suffer for 500 years! I, Tai Yinzi, swear to make you suffer eternal damnation after I break through this cage!”

“You’re…Tai Yinzi? The traitor expelled by master?” Yang Taizi expression became even uglier.

“Traitor? Hahahaha!” Ridiculous!” Tai Yinzi laughed maniacally. “How ridiculous! If I wasn’t framed by the b*tch, Yu Sanniang, I wouldn’t be expelled by my master! Scr*w that evil b*tch!”

Su Houde couldn’t hold his back indignation, saying angrily, “Evildoer, stop insulting Sanniang! You caused Sanniang and I to be separated for hundreds of years, and now you are still defaming her…I, I’ll never let you off!”

However, Su Houde couldn’t help shivering due to excessive fear of the old man.

Tai Yinzi laughed sarcastically. “Blockhead! Do you still think that b*tch loved you deeply? It was just her trick! She just wanted that enormous sorrow you would give off when you two were separated! That was her true purpose!”

“Bullshit! All lies!”

“Bullshit? Hahahaha!” Tai Yinzi laughed pathetically. “Look at my pitiable state! 500 years ago, I was furious after being framed by that b*tch, so decided to follow her to the imperial palace! I was extremely clear on how she seduced you, how she cultivated her firm Taoist heart using your ‘true love’! You were the only person that believed you two were a fated pair! Do you still think she loved and was willing to be with you—a person from a lower class? I’m telling you, she was using the most basic illusion magic! It was all a dream! Foolish idiot!”

“Did you know at the moment you were beheaded, Yu Sanniang succeeded!? Her tears fell when she witnessed your beheading! At that moment, she managed to achieve the Indifferent Mind! Ever since then, she had a sharp increase in power, and I wasn’t a match for her! Emperor Xian Zong asked me to deal with Yu Sanniang, but I failed, and was sealed in the white jade tokens! Then she dressed up as me, sent the jades to the emperor, and escaped from the palace to enjoy her life in leisure! Hum, everyone was cheated by her! But only you didn’t know that and kept denying reality!”

“You liar! I don’t believe it! I won’t believe it!”

Su Houde went mad and rushed at Tai Yinzi, striking about wildly and clumsily. However, it was impossible to punch smoke. At last, he r

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