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Chapter 107: A Wonderful Girl from the Sky


Because it was around 2 pm, after the deal with Zhuge, there was no time for Luo Qiu to have the lunch You Ye prepared for him. He then had to hurry back to Professor Qin Fang’s house.

It was a lengthy spiritual journey to Zhuge; yet merely a common conversation to Luo Qiu.

Of course, this conversation would not stop at this level.

They would meet later… Luo Qiu’s premonition in this aspect had become sharper.

The premonition and the sensitive sixth sense probably came from the increase in the number of transactions.

Luo Qiu appeared at the back of the house— Due to a customer coming in at lunchtime, he had to make up an excuse to leave.

Bypassing the old walls covered with the emerald Virginia creeper, his look was attracted by the scenery all the time. This was because he was particularly fond of such landscapes filled with the scent of history.

However, there was a figure at a window on the third floor of the house. Intentionally or not, her look seemed to fall onto him.

That should be Qin Chuyu’s room.

She leaned against the sill edge on her arm.

Didn’t the beautiful female painter leave her house early like usual?

Her gaze and Luo Qiu’s met by chance, yet, Qin Chuyu turned about to leave, vanishing from the small angle by the window.

What was she thinking about?

Due to his eyesight becoming better and better, he could easily see a bit of depression and indifference on Qin Chuyu’s face across the window.

The depression and indifference were just like those royal blue eyes of Miss Servant the first time he met her.

Qin Chuyu, Yu Sanniang… While thinking about these questions, Boss Luo reached out to the gate bell of the house. Unexpectedly, the gate was opened at that moment.

Zhang Qingrui walked out with a handbag and was stunned when she saw Luo Qiu. “Ah, the professor said he has to prepare to meet a customer this evening, so today’s work is on hold… Anyway, I thought you wouldn’t come back today.”

After all, the exact time the customer would come was not a predictable matter for the club. Luo Qiu felt he indeed left hurriedly 1 hour ago.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

None of his stuff had been left in the house, so Luo Qiu had no desire to enter.

“So you…”

“I’m OK.” Luo Qiu said without thinking, “I can go by myself. It’s more convenient for me to take a bus.”

Maybe it was because she did not need to be buried in the boring assignments for the remaining half day, Zhang Qingrui looked to be in a good mood, who took a joke breezily, “Let me count how many times you refused my kindness? Honestly, I feel sort of depressed being rejected by you.”

“It’s still early to have dinner, don’t worry.”


Zhang Qingrui gaped, then chuckled. Due to such short and simple words, her original jolly mood even got more relaxed.

At best, they were just classmates

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