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Chapter 171: The People Blown Away by The Wind(Follow-Up)


The banquet would start 2 hours later.

Zhang Qingrui was busy greeting the guests that came early.

Gu Yue Zhai might be a famous place in antique circles, but the other industries of the Zhang Family were what those fat cats had to hold in awe and veneration.

“Manager, the Zhong’s family members are coming.”

Shi Shijie now noticed Zhang Qingrui in a soft voice.

Zhang Qingrui nodded, “Uncle Shijie, can you please greet other guests here please? I’ll receive the Zhong Family on my own.”

Shi Shijie suddenly told, “Manager, Old master said if Old Zhong comes, take him to her.”

Zhang Qingrui gave a start, nodding and leaving gracefully. Today she wore a full dress with light make-up, but could be referred as a Triton among the minnows in the banquet site.

“Hi, Manager Shi! Long time no see!”

Suddenly someone called Shi Shijie at back, so he turned about, faking a smile at once and looking at him, “Mr. Wu, we’ve really not seen each other in a while.”

The coming Wu Qiubin asked his secretary to pass the birthday present for him, before pulling Shi Shijie aside to chat. Wu Qiubin had a quick view of the visitor’s book, asking confusedly, “Manager Shi, we’ve known for dozens of years. Mrs. Zhang likes the quiet. It’s the truth that today is her birthday… but inviting so many big shots, can you tell me if Mrs. Zhang has no other meaning?”

Shi Shijie took it easy, “Yes, she does. But I’ll keep secret for the moment, Mr. Wu will know it later.”

“Fine! I’ll wait to see what good news it will be.” Wu Qiubin smiled, “You must be busy, I’ll talk with the others.”

“Have a nice time.”

“Switch off all your cellphones.”

Fang Ruchang ordered in the dressing room. Before the performance of a band, especially classical music performance, fully rigorous preparations were a must.

And also, cutting off contact with the outside for now, so that members could settle to adjust the emotion for performance, was definitely vitally important.

Fang Ruchang now walked to Fang Jiping who had a haggard expression, sitting down and saying coolly, “The guests outside are all with fame and prestige, your looks will give a bad impression.”

So, Fang Jiping then forced a slight hint of a smile.

Fang Ruchang added, “Listen, a minute on the stage takes ten-year practice. No matter how wonderful you used to be, but one mistake on the stage means all those years of efforts are wasted. You can be confused or whine, but once you pick up the violin, you are only a violinist, rather than any other role.”

Fang Jiping deeply breathed, patting Fang Ruchang’s hand back, “Dad, don’t worry, I know what I should do.”

He lowered his head, applying rosin to the violin fiddlestick, little by little, very carefully.

Since she left because of money one more time… he didn’t have to be concerned.

Fang Jiping started to adjust his emotion. He turned off the cellphone, closing eyes and didn’t think about anything else.

“Baby Tiger… Baby Tiger…”

Manman woke up by the voice, but what she saw was the aunt talking in her dream on the sickbed.

She massaged her shoulders and found that she had stayed in the hospital for a whole day and night. The doctor said this aunt was in bad condition and had accumulated many diseases year in year out, along with phthisis.

The aunt had tightly kept the sack closed even while drowned. Manman didn’t find anything useful in it, even the ID card was the first version and overdue, which could not be used any longer.

She merely knew her name is Yang Ping. However, she found some flyers in the sack—the same as what she got from a man that posted flyers under her home.

Was that a predestined relationship?

Manman interestingly thought that her tumble allowed her to meet this aunt looking for her son.

2o years, she h

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