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Chapter 203: The Best Undercover Agent


“They are starting to instruct our people to take action… Seems like they are very cautious!”

Ma Houde took off one earphone and frowned while looking at Ye Yan, “Do we follow or not?”

“Follow him.” Ye Yan said decisively, “We’re in, it doesn’t make sense for us to give up… Dude, give me a map!”

On top of Santana, the young policeman said over the phone, “I’ve driven into the Sunset Boulevard.”

“Take the U-turn before entering the underpass.”

“I’ve already taken the U-turn.”

“Good… Next, you will need to drive into the circular expressway and exit the first toll station.”

“Get off the car now. Can you see the bus stop at the side? Get on the first bus.”

“Get off and cross the overhead bridge.”

1.5 hours had passed since he drove out from the underground parking. The young cop who was familiar with this city couldn’t help thinking that Officer Ma’s plan was thrown into disorder since long ago. It seemed that the opponent was too cautious.

“I’ve already walked up to the overhead bridge.”

“Good, turn to the Middle-South Boulevard. I start to count down to 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, you’ll have to jump down. 5, 4…”

The woman didn’t spare him time to consider. She had already begun counting.

3, 2… 1!

The young policeman gritted his teeth. Climbing over the guardrails, he took a deep breath and jumped down straightaway!

At this moment, a large truck was running through the bridge, and that policeman jump dropped on it!

He wiped off the cold sweat and saw the surroundings clearly— this was a truck that transported cars.

He picked up the phone again, clamping it to his ear and querying with a slight anger, “Do you really want to make this deal?”

“Sorry, please forgive us for being so careful. Because the monitoring system in this city is really good, both you and us might be revealed.”

“You said you were revealed?” the young cop asked.

“I said it was possible… OK, now, please throw this phone in your hands away, of course, including your own phone as well.”


“Now, walk to the end of the top floor and then climb down. We’re in the last car on the second floor.”

He followed the words, finding and climbing into a white car. He saw a man and a woman over there. The man sat in the driver’s seat and the lady at the rear seat.

“Your cautiousness really enraged me.”

Jessica sized him up randomly, saying coolly, “Please fasten your seatbelt.”

The young cop frowned. At this moment, the car reversed suddenly and ran over the rear guardrails before falling on the highway… after a fit of bumping, the white car was already driven down the road and then entered a small road of the city.

“Where’s the cargo?” the cop asked.

Kingkong chuckled while driving, “You’ll see it real soon… don’t worry, this car will be given to you. Where’s t

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