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Chapter 235: The Truth Hidden in the Past


“Everything is my fault.”

Lui Hai didn’t seem like the boss of the resort at that moment. He admitted his guilt, looking at everyone. As if worrying about those who didn’t hear clearly, and impressing those who understood.

Luo Qiu didn’t think he’d forget the current face of Lui Hai.

He was degage, calm and firm.

A slight hint of surprise flashed across Secretary Wu Qiushui’s face, but he suddenly thought of the village legend. Vaguely, he combined two things together.

He realized the cause and effect quickly, “Why did you do this, Lui Hai?”

Officer Ma frowned, he wouldn’t believe anything easily unless there were enough pieces of evidence to prove it.

Since the beginning when Lui Hai came in, the villagers’ look turned slightly different. They knew someone called Lui Hai but no one knew him well.

He settled in his old house at the hillside and seldom walked down to the village. He went to the sea to fish alone using a boat and planted in the cropland at the back of the resort to support his family. He only entered the village when he lacked necessities for daily life.

Since Luo Aiyu came here, these works had been shifted to her.

The ones who seldom met Lui Hai had an impression that this man always had a mussy mustache, along with a stronger smell of alcohol compared to the sea smell.

He was a drunkard.

Now, he became a criminal with a fierce look, looking like another person.

He opened his mouth.

He sneered, his look contained a slight hint of contempt. He looked around. Those who were seen felt frightened, lowering their heads.

“Why? No reason.” Lui Hai showed an indifferent face, “Just because the villagers almost forgot the evil they did and the conscientiousness they lost. I just mentioned it.”

“I… We did something wrong in that year but we were instigated by others. But you… but you…” a senior turned agitated, “If you want to get revenge, come to us old guys! Fight or kill us! But you even let all the members get infected with this disease!! It doesn’t have nothing to do with the children!”

Lui Hai sneered once more, “Then what did I do wrong 45 years ago? I had a good family, then what? You were instigated? So you think you’re innocent and continue to live here with your next generations, getting along with them, is that correct?”

“I… through these years, we, we never felt tranquil. Did you think that?”

“Then why did you sacrifice a living person to worship again?” Lui Hai disdained, “Listen, it’s ‘AGAIN’. You feel bad but committed that action again. Today, this morning, right here.”

“I… I will kill you!” That senior rushed out.

While Lui Hai yelled, “Get lost!”

That old man face turned pale out of fright, taking steps back continuously and collapsing finally.

Lui Hai swore loud, “Look! Look! This is the so-called uneasiness and not living peaceful

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