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Chapter 251: I Want To Beat You!


“Boss, what is the‘Golder Game’…”

Andrew looked at his henchman, saying lightly, “It’s an event in the underground boxing arena, we call the participants ‘Boxing Masters’, and each ‘Boxing Master’ can dispatch three boxers to join in the matches. The mortality rate is infinitely close to 100%.”

“Close to 100%?”

Andrew nodded, “Because only by killing an opponent is it treated as a triumph. Hence, the boxers have to go up to the special arena to fight without weapons. There is no limit or rules, they keep fighting until the declaration of either boxer’s death.”

Aides frowned, subconsciously saying, “What if the two boxers are from the same ‘Boxing Master’?”

“Then fight one another.” Andrew heaved a sigh, “No matter how many people join, there is only one winner at a time, and there is only one survivor.”

“There is unexpectedly such a brutal boxing match!”

Cold sweat unconsciously emerged out of his hands— Andrew was also a ring master, who always saw boxers being seriously beaten into disability, or unable to stand… However if only killing the opponent would it be regarded as a victory, there would be not many boxers willing to come up to the stage.

This was really a ring of death.

“The rules of the game were so cruel, but the champion would get the abundant rewards that deserve their effort.” Andrew frowned, “But only the ‘Boxing Masters’ with admissibility know the rewards for their matches of that day. And all the ‘Boxing Masters’ will obey the secrecy rules, they won’t reveal the rewards.”

He looked at his assistant, “But there are still countless rich people trying every means to get entrance tickets of ‘Golder Game’ every year.”

“Boss, do you want…”

Andrew did not respond to him— he wouldn’t tell his assistant that he missed ‘Golder Game’ once.

“Greet our guests first,” he said indifferently.

“Andrew should be interested in ‘Golder Game’.”

Leaving the casino… he was now standing on the roof next to the casino building.

Did the club boss have the entrance tickets of the so-called ‘Golder Game’?

The answer was ‘yes’— there were many weird items with different usages in the club, included the entrance ticket of ‘Golder Game’, which seemed to be valid all along.

As to that if the club owner wanted to participate in such a match?

The answer was… Mr. K had just told a lie.

Luo Qiu looked at the grown-up Antonio, who was in the alley beside the apartment. And checked the time, whispering softly to You Ye, “It’s the dusk, would you like to go somewhere to see the sunset? ”

“The view of the Kremlin is good, especially looking out from the president’s office.”

Luo Qiu watched You Ye funnily.

He suddenly liked this feeling.

In the future journey of life, he would excavated You Ye’s past little by little, and bring surprises for himself bit by bit.

And make his heart, that was hard to produce waves, ripple occasionally, little by little.

When Andrew saw Anton, he became absent-minded at that moment.

He had to look at this man taller than him.

Once upon a time, he also gained fame and fortune from the underground boxing ring. So he knew more than anyone else about the power containing in this body— his level could not be achieved through acquired training!

‘He’s born to be a boxer! The perfect warrior created by God!’

“Where is Nikita?” Anton looked at Andrew, humming to ask.

Perhaps because fighting with other boxers on the stage, or because he had grown up, Anton… Antonio felt surprised because he didn’t feel fear this time— If it during his childhood, he would feel his heart beat faster and become fearful when watching these tall and strong guys inside.

“No matter what benefits Nikita gave you,” Andrew got to the point, “I’ll give you ten times, as long as you’re willing to be a boxer in my group! F

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