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Chapter 5: The Burning Black Card

Translator: Alfredo Poutine Soup Editor: DesTheSloth

Luo Qiu just followed You Ye around the factory. There should have been plenty of workers, however, none of them were seen on the way.

You Ye seemed used invading private property without permission.

Why was she so well-versed in it?

Most likely because You Ye had done plenty of similar things like this and became accustomed to it. It seems like it wasn’t hard to get used to the peculiar abilities of the club.

If you have a strong enough heart.

“Is this the manager’s office?”

You Ye stood still, and Luo Qiu looked at the door plate in front of You Ye: Manager’s Office, Cao Ziqian.

Cao Ziqian…if he remembered correctly, it should be the name of Jin Zifu’s son-in-law.

“The easiest way to get the information about this factory is through here.” You Ye smiled faintly, opening the door of the office and respectfully standing aside, “Master, please come in.”

At the moment the door was opened, Luo Qiu was aware that a dumbfounded young man was looking at him.

“Who are you?” the man asked at once.

He excluded a sense of pressure that students were not able to show. Luo Qiu stared blankly, braced himself, and walked in the room.

Then You Ye followed him.

Cao Ziqian frowned and stood up—in his view, these two looked like an innocent student and a beautiful woman. But he didn’t recognize either of them.

“Who are you? I should remember you if you’ve made an appointment.” His palms pressed the table near the phone, without a hint of recklessness or panic, calmly saying: “Please tell me the purpose of your visit.”

“Mr. Cao, my master wants to check the business condition of your factory.” You Ye walked forwards and smiled, “Please.”

Cao Ziqian stunned and frowned: “You’re not welcome if you came to make jokes. Please leave. I’ll tell security not to hurt either of you.”

You Ye said, “Please cooperate with us, don’t put me on the spot, ok?”

You Ye said with a soft voice, her bright eyes shined like sapphire. Under that gaze, Cao Ziqian’s expression turned dull, then slowly said: “OK…OK…”

“Is it hypnosis?” Luo Qiu asked suddenly.

You Ye nodded: “It’s just a small trick, and only works on ordinary people who don’t have a strong psychic force.”

You Ye’s abilities were indeed top-notched. Luo Qiu looked at Cao Ziqian curiously, then he went over, waving his hand in front of him, but there was no reaction. Then only did he calm down a little.

“Is he going to tell the truth?” Luo Qiu asked.

You Ye nodded, “Most of the time, unless it’s a sensitive matter.”

Luo Qiu fell silent for a moment, then he looked at Cao Ziqian and asked, “Jin Zifu said you had him sign some documents to transfer the ownership of the factory to you. And now you’ll cooperate with property developers to destroy the factory. Is that true?”

“Yes, it’s true.” Cao Ziqian answered woodenly.

Luo Qiu frowned and sank in thought for a moment, then he said, “Tell me the state of operations concerning the factory, please.”

“It’ll go bankrupt in three months.”

Luo Qiu was stunned, “Bankrupt? Are you sure?”

Cao Ziqian said, “Yes, I’m sure. The factory owes a large amount of debt to the bank. And they have only three months to pay it back. The factory has not received any orders in the last 2 years, so it will soon go bankrupt and the land will be foreclosed by the bank.”

“So you secretly took ownership of the factory, and want to make a killing before that time, right?”

“I have to do so, because I can’t bear to see everything disappear before my eyes.” Cao Ziqian said with a miserable expression, “I must keep…”

He seemed to be struggling.

As You Ye said, he would wake up if it was a sensitive question.

“You, what were you doing to me?!”

While yelling at them, Cao Ziqian nervously snatched up the phone, “Shelly, call the security guards to come over now!”

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