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Chapter 7: Welcome to Trafford’s Trading Club

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The inconceivable scenes Cao Ziqian witnessed left him in extreme shock.

But he was worried about his child. He didn’t want to court the same fate as Jin Zifu. What should he do?

“Don’t worry.” Luo Qiu said slowly: “The deal was with your father-in-law, it has nothing to do with you.”

Cao Ziqian collected himself, and looked at Jin Zifu who was lying on the ground. He didn’t know anything about the transaction, yet he was dragged into something ridiculous.

“My father…Jin Zifu, died?” Cao Ziqian asked nervously.

You Ye answered for him: “No, he’s sleeping now.”


You Ye nodded and smiled: “Yes, except that his sleep will last 33 years, one month and 15 days. When he wakes up, he can continue living.”

“How come…”

Cao Ziqian didn’t want to believe it, but everything that happened told him what You Ye said was absolutely true.

There was a brief silence, Cao Ziqian looked at Luo Qiu suddenly: “I don’t know you…why did you help me?”

Though Jin Zifu got back the documents, during his 30 years sleep, Cao Ziqian could easily regain it.

Preventing him from making a serious mistake and also solving Jin Zifu’s problem. From another perspective, Cao Ziqian could be said to have obtained the most this time..

Luo Qiu looked at Jin Zifu and said: “I’ve met with the property developer cooperating with you this afternoon. They plan to build two apartment blocks for those senior workers of the factory.”

Then he smiled: “You can have a good life with your child. The money obtained by selling the land and the liquidation of the factory will be enough to repay your bank debt.”

Cao Ziqian suddenly felt touched.

He stared at this mysterious young man, choking back sobs.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Luo Qiu walked to Cao Ziqian and waved the black card.

At this moment, the vanished stamps on both sides of the card once again floated into it. Then Luo Qiu stuffed the black card back into Cao Ziqian’s pocket.

He said softly: “You can find us through this card if needed. With that, you are now a member of the Trafford’s Trading Club.”

“We can provide you with whatever you want. Dreams, treasures, intelligence, a spouse, health… even life, but only if you can name a satisfactory price. In addition, we don’t accept any sort of currency as the transaction fee.”

“Then, we look forward to your visit.”

With those words, Luo Qiu and You Ye stepped back, then vanished little by little, disappearing out of Cao Ziqian’s sight.

“Wait! What’s your name?” Cao Ziqian persuaded him to stay subconsciously, “Why do you know about my child’s birthday?”

But Luo Qiu and You Ye had already disappeared.

Cao Ziqian felt his strength leaving him and sat down. Then he realized his back was soaked in sweat due to the nervousness and fright.

Just then, a wind rose in front of Cao Ziqian, then Luo Qiu appeared into his sight once more.

It gave him a fright.

Luo Qiu didn’t say nothing, instead he merely turned the desk calendar to face Cao Ziqian. With a faint smile, he left again.

This time he really left.

On the calendar, a date was circled, labeled “The Present” by the side.

Upon seeing this, Cao Ziqian couldn’t help crying.

According to You Ye’s instructions, Luo Qiu went down to the altar on the third floor of the basement in the club.

He opened his hands, a lump of grey fog appeared, then floated into the altar slowly.

At this time, a voice was heard in his mind.

“The tribute has been completed, and your lifespan has increased by 30 days.”

Perhaps it wasn’t a sound…but more like information flowing into his mind.

As for the hourglass which he brought down, the sand at the top seemed to increase a little, while the speed of its descent became slower.

Because of the club’s rule, he wouldn’t die

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