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Chapter 13: The Eclosion


Luo Qiu was at a loss, so he posted this problem onto the internet, “What do you do if you see a large insect eating a huge mantis?”

However, no netizens were bored enough to answer him.

Anyway, the insect had finally achieved his revenge, thus Luo Qiu breathed in deeply, breaking the silence, “Would you like some water? The water in the river is clear and clean…”

The insect stared blankly at him. As soon as he looked down and saw what he had done, he jumped away in fight, then rapidly scrambled to the river bank and vomited into the river.

After a long while, the insect finally managed to get two sips of water. He then composed himself and then walked over to Luo Qiu and You Ye slowly, “Thanks, for, helping, me, get, revenge.”

Luo Qiu nodded, “No problem, You Ye and I just kept our part of the agreement we made. Now that your enemy was dead, what can we do for you next?”

Since a whole night hadn’t passed yet, this meant the deal had not been completed, therefore Luo Qiu had no right to accept the jade token as the transaction fee yet.

Unless the buyer himself said that the deal had been completed.

But Luo Qiu wanted to end the deal earlier, so he asked, “The mantis is dead, so do you have anything else you’re afraid of? Nobody seems to come to such a desolate place.”

“Protect, me, till, the, sun, rises.”


Luo Qiu’s reply reassured the insect monster. “Thank you.”

That was the only fluent sentence the insect ever said.

Next, the insect took off his black coat and revealed his extremely ugly body. The wound on it was much more serious than yesterday.

The insect turned back, walking towards the bank step by step. Luo Qiu had a premonition that an unforgettable event would occur next.

The insect soaked himself in the ice cold river water. He then looked up at the new moon high in the sky. His ugly body expanded to its greatest extent, then gradually contracted back.

Luo Qiu was still unclear what the insect would do, but he felt that something was amiss.

Then the huddled body shrunk…or it might have dried up. Luo Qiu wasn’t sure, thus walked closer to the insect without realizing it.

This time during midsummer, the pebbles around the bank gave off a wondrous beauty, shining brightly like dark blue gems.

As for the insect monster, he was surrounded by a bright yellow light flowing about like a stream of golden liquid.

“It was absorbing the essence of the water and the moon.”

You Ye said, “Master, it was preparing to break free of his cocoon, and step into a brand new stage of life.”

“Yes.” Luo Qiu just nodded. He understood You Ye’s answer.

The protection he required was for evolving into a butterfly.

Time passed in the silent forest, occasionally with a light breeze. Mother nature seemed to looking forward to the birth of a butterfly.

Luo Qiu lost track of time, im

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