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Volume 9 – Chapter 37: Drowning Man

“Wait, turn here.”

Soon after the Passat drove into the village road, Dazhe directed Big Head to another direction — not the road to his ex-wife’s home village.

Big Head was stunned, “Brother Zhe, what are you going to do at this time? Aren’t you worried about your sister-in-law…your ex-wife?”

Dazhe shook his head and said calmly, “Do you think Xiao Yucheng is really like God, and dare to come in broad daylight? Don’t worry, the elder of Tingting’s family is going to die soon. Relatives are all gathering there. Nothing will happen during the day. ”

“Alright, then.”

It did not take long before Big Head’s Passat drove to a reservoir surrounded by mountains and stopped. Big Head did not get out of the car. Dazhe asked him to wait in the car.

Dazhe took the things he bought from the small shop in the village that they passed by and moved down the path to the reservoir’s side, which was built a long time ago.

How deep is the water? Probably no one would want to try. But every year, people from nearby villages would trespass this place to swim and then drown.

The government had placed a cordon around the reservoir… but it still could not stop the bold.

Dazhe finally stepped over the warning wire and came to the inwardly concave sand beside the reservoir. He squatted down by the water and silently took out the things that he bought from the plastic bag.

A few small pastries.

Dazhe picked these up, then took out a bundle of incense from the bag, pulled out a few sticks, closed his eyes, and bowed a few times before inserting them.

“It’s not something really good, but eat it too. It’s better than the cold fish below.” [1]

Dazhe sat down at the side, smoking a cigarette. Then, his ears buzzed.

“Brother Zhe, I have no other choice. I have no other way! If I don’t raise enough money, Sang Kun will hack me to death! He will hack me to death!”

“How many times have I told you? Don’t go to Sang Kun’s stall to gamble! Are you crazy? Don’t you know what his place is? A place where people are swallowed wholly, bones and all!”

“How do I know!? The croupier told me that he could get money from the stall, but it would be evenly divided between us! Brother Zhe, my wife is about to give birth, and my dad is hospitalized again. So, I decided to take a gamble… Unexpectedly, they conspired together to cheat me!”

“Stop talking. I don’t want to listen to these things! I’m here to ask you. Do you abduct someone’s child just like this? Where is your conscience? You said that your wife is about to give birth, and you are about to be a dad. Your child is a child, but someone else’s child is not a child? And you guys who helped him to abduct someone without telling me? If it wasn’t that I questioned Ah Long and he unwittingly spilled out, you plan to keep it from me as if nothing happened? Do you still treat me as if I don’t exist?”

“Brother Zhe, we… we can’t he

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