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Volume 9 – Chapter 61: Name

The 8th Block.

This was told by the few people who brought her to this place. They were wearing white uniforms and carrying powerful lethal weapons.

She was just a six years old little girl who had to lift her head to look at these people in white clothes.

The little girl was wearing the clothes prepared by these people, and she was already cleaned. She encountered many people on the way. All of them were wearing white uniforms. She couldn’t tell what these people were doing.

Because for her, everything here was beyond her ability to perceive.

Yes, since both her parents died tragically, the world had exceeded her cognition. The little girl looked at the dress on her body— it was just a piece that was directly put on her body; there was no upper and lower distinction. There was even no pocket. It was just like a robe that covered her body.

A brooch-like thing was pinned to her chest. A line of numbers was written on it. Her mother taught her the number when she was still alive, so she recognized what number was written on it: 1031.

“Go in. You will be living here from now on. As long as you follow the rules, you can live. As long as you become strong, then you can stand out. This is the only advice for you… Welcome to the 8th Block.”

They opened a door in front of her, then they pushed her directly into this place. After that, the door closed automatically.

She leaned against the door of the closed room with a little fear, and she looked at everything in front of her. There were many people dressed like her.

The age range from similar to hers to about twelve years old. She found that there were many children here. She couldn’t count them all at once.

But none of these children seemed to be willing to approach her. Even if she had been in this room for several minutes, they just looked at her silently.

As a newcomer, she tried to reach these children who came here earlier than her.

“Don’t come near me.”

“Go away.”

She had failed many times. Finally, she understood that the people here… don’t like others to approach them. Even if they were in this room, everyone kept a certain distance from each other… Each of them had their own territory.

“Come here.”

She heard such a voice. It was another girl older than her; she was about ten years old. The girl also wore a badge on her body which was written with: 791.

As for the children next to her, their gazes suddenly became strange… She looked at these gazes, and it reminded her of those vicious dogs that looked at her hostilely.

In the end, she still walked up to the ten years old girl who called her, feeling anxious.

“Don’t bother them, they are not against you, but everyone here.” This was the first sentence that the ten years old girl said.

“Why?” She was quite puzzled.

The ten-year-old girl smiled and said, “Because there are no friends here, and no one will want to share and play

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