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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 705 - Volume 9 – Chapter 84: Words that were Easily Spoken (Part 2)
Chapter 705 Volume 9 – Chapter 84: Words that were Easily Spoken (Part 2)

At this time, the staff sent a set of brand new, unopened cards; he opened it on the spot. Ah Jie smiled at this moment, “Mr. Liu, please check the card.”

“No need.” Liu Zixing shook his head, “If you meddle in the cards, no one will be willing to come again in the future. I believe that you want to operate your business for a long time. You won’t want to ruin your future.”

“Then, let’s start.” Ah Jie nodded. He shuffled a brand new pack of poker cards with skillful technique. He placed it in front of Liu Zixing, “Mr. Liu, can you cut the cards?”

Liu Zixing did not check the wards, but he cut the cards personally. Technically, he certainly would not be as good as Ah Jie, but he was also an avid gambler.

“Director. Is it feasible for Ah Jie to bet like this? If he isn’t playing, then…”

Fengshan in the surveillance room frowned at this time and said with a serious face, “He should have his plan. Ah Jie is a disciple of the God of Gamblers. He is attempting to interrupt Liu Zixing’s luck.”

“Interrupt his luck?”

Fengshan nodded and said, “Luck fluctuates in a person’s life. It sounds mystical, but it is seemingly valid on the gambling table. There’s no real explanation to it. Some gamblers could sense their luck. It’s a saying from the experienced ones. For example, Liu Zixing, who has excellent luck, will be reluctant to leave his seat. As you can see, he prefers to gamble in the lobby instead of moving his seat. I’m afraid it’s because this seat brings him wealth… However, if he has another person representing him, things may change. Once his luck is interrupted, or he loses once, he is no longer scary! If he has someone else drawing the card, it depends on the other person’s luck…”

“Let’s start!”

In the lobby, Liu Zixing made the first bet. He still pushed out all his chips without hesitation. His courage to go all in startled the onlookers.

Some seemed to have recognized him. After all, he was a young master known for gambling in the circle. There were always others who knew him.

“This guy seems to have changed today. I have never seen him in such frenzy before.”

“I heard that he was kicked out of the house by his mother. Their relationship was severed. Is today his comeback?”

“He has nearly 300 million in hand. If he stops now, he may not be as well-off as before, but at least he has the capital to make a comeback. Liu Zixing still doesn’t know his limit.”

“Who knows? Anyway, I heard that Black Panther is looking for him crazily. Probably, they are waiting just outside the clubhouse for him to come out.”

“Shh…It’s starting, don’t make a noise!”

A set of playing cards spread out in an arc. Hou Chen Yuhan stood unsteadily, her palms full of cold sweats. The opposing young man swallowed his saliva. His lips were slightly pale.

300 million yuan was at stake for the first round. Hou Chen Yuhan and her opponent were just ordinary people.

“Maybe it’s fate.” The man on the opposing side probably had professional instincts to please women. Although he was flustered, he had at least calmed down. He smiled slightly, “We can’t resist fate. For them, what happens is just a minute matter. But for us, we may not be able to experience it in our entire life. I think that the magic of fate is probably here. We don’t know what will happen at the next second, but because of this, there’s something to look forward to in the future.”

Something to look forward to in the future… Fate.

Amid everything, Hou Chen Yuhan remembered the flower cards that she had kept close to her. The precious flower cards could be used to buy what she wanted and change her life.

Is this fated?

She didn’t know that drawing a card required great courage. Choosing one from those flower cards would take a crazy amount of determination.

Her eyes were distracted. Although the opponent said some gentle words,

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